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  1. If the phone’s not ringing, here’s why…
  2. More Bad Advice: “I’ve found some errors on your website…”
  3. Bad Advice from Good Marketing People (part 1)
  4. Dealing with PRICE and “Low-Baller” Pool Builders
  5. A blatant sales pitch for Sales Training
  6. Pool Builder Marketing Recommendations for 2018 – What’s NEW
  7. Low-cost SEO trick that actually WORKS
  8. How to Spy on your PPC Guy…
  9. PPC Advertising and Google Ad Words: A Case Study…
  10. Comments from the 2017 IPSPE in Orlando…
  11. Your Website – The Crucial “First Step” of Marketing…
  12. The Hidden Power of a “Low Risk Offer”
  13. Automated Follow-Up – the Secret Weapon of Swimming Pool Marketing…
  14. The 3 Secrets of Swimming Pool Marketing…
  15. Selling Pools: “You Had Me at Hello”
  16. Signing up for SurveyLocal is the smartest thing you can do right now
  17. Get inside the Minds of Today’s Swimming Pool Buyers
  18. 2017 Digital Marketing Habits to Break (MAYBE….)
  19. Marketing Advice for Pool Builders in 2017
  20. Comments from the 2016 IPSPE in New Orleans
  21. 2016 International Pool, Spa, Patio EXPO
  22. GOOGLE is moving forward with their “SEO OBLITERATION” plans…
  23. Online Reviews Are More Important Than You Think
  24. What To Do When Prospects IGNORE You
  25. How to discuss PRICE when Selling a Pool
  26. How to Talk About MONEY When Selling a Pool
  27. Marketing Advice for Pool Builders in 2016
  28. GOOGLE will OBLITERATE traditional SEO
  29. More (dirty) Tricks when talking to Pool Buyers
  30. Suggestions when talking (selling) to Pool Buyers
  31. Well, I got my butt chewed AGAIN…(for SALES Training)
  32. Comments from the 2015 Pool Spa & Patio show…
  33. If you’re thinking about a logo change
  34. How to Take Better Pool Photos…With a DRONE
  35. 7 Marketing Secrets for Pool Builders
  36. How to Play Nice with Google
  37. PayPerClick advertising just got BETTER
  38. If you’re not SWAMPED, you should be doing PPC
  39. Websites Need CONVERSIONS more than TRAFFIC
  40. Google, “Mobilegeddon,” Websites and SEO
  41. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Warning
  42. How To Get GOOD Online Reviews
  43. Here’s an SEO Secret ANYONE can use…
  44. Marketing Advice for Pool Builders – 2015
  45. Announcing Our New “Everything Included” Website System…
  46. Predictions for 2015, based on the 2014 Pool Spa Patio show…
  47. VIDEO: How to Convince Homeowners to Choose YOU
  48. Pool Builder Marketing Secret #7: Convert more prospects into buyers
  49. Pool Builder Marketing Secret #6: Referrals are the Best Leads of All
  50. Pool Builder Marketing Secret #5: Nurture Prospects to Buy from YOU
  52. VIDEO: Why Pool Builders SHOULDN’T try to do EVERYTHING
  53. For ANYONE running Pay-Per-Click Ads
  54. Free Online Directories to boost your web presence
  55. Pool Builder Marketing Secret #4: SOCIAL MEDIA – You’re Doing It WRONG
  56. Pool Builder Marketing Secret #3: Your Online Image Is More Important Than You Think
  57. Pool Builder Marketing Secret #2: They think you’re “UGLI”
  58. Pool Builder Marketing Secret #1: Buying a Pool Is a BIG DEAL
  59. The 2013 Pool Spa Patio expo (and why 2014 will be BETTER)
  60. MORE SEO and PPC Insights from a Pool Industry Expert
  61. SEO and PPC – How to NOT get BURNED
  62. Confessions of an SEO Crook
  63. Why Trade Shows are a SMART Thing for Pool Builders
  64. Facebook for Pool Builders in 2013 – Some NEW Tricks Worth Trying
  65. Is your website “Mobile-Ready”? Here’s how to find out.
  66. Pool Builder Marketing Recommendations for 2013
  67. Industry Inspiration and Vance Gillette
  68. How’s your Houzz going to sell more pools?
  69. The Plus Side of Google+
  70. I love Angie’s List
  71. Ads vs. Social vs. Word-Of-Mouth… Which works best for pool buyers?
  72. Builders – Trust Your Wives. (They’ll help you be a better marketer.)
  73. “10 Steps to the Perfect Pool” (a.k.a. “An irresistible offer to seduce your prospects…”)
  74. “Change or Die” and “10 Steps to the PERFECT Pool” report
  75. It’s “Winter Marketing Checklist” time…
  76. No, you DON’T have to TWEET! (Or “YouTube” or “Linked-In” or FLICKR or Anything Else!)
  77. Comments from the 2011 Pool Show: “What Does the Future Hold?”
  78. Check on Your Competition ANYTIME (It takes just five seconds…)
  79. My Best Friend’s Big Pool Buying Mistake (almost)…
  80. The GAVA Awards, 2011: If you’ve never entered, it’s time!
  81. A few more gifts, goodies and "best of" marketing advice for you….
  82. "7 Peak Productivity Practices" Video – My little gift to you….
  83. I Finally Hired a Coach…
  84. Here’s an “Automatic Follow-up System” that ANYONE can afford….
  85. “I Quit” – A great article from sales expert Mario Rossetti…
  86. What do 4 out of 5 “new pool” web-shoppers really want?
  87. The Ugly Truth about This Pool Service Business…
  88. What to do when you’re too busy to do it all… (How to “Git’r done”)
  89. Who’s Been Looking At Your Website? And when & why did they leave?
  90. Pool Builder Secrets from the lucky few…
  91. How Pool Builders should be using Facebook TODAY
  92. For Builders Who Hate Home Shows…
  93. In Search of Recognition…
  94. The Pool Industry in 2010 – Some insights…
  95. A gift from Scrooge
  96. Comments from 2009 Pool & Spa Show
  97. How to Survive E-Commerce Competition
  98. Scary Data, and Reasons to Give Thanks
  99. The Evil behind Merchant Circle Websites
  100. Mind control over your prospects? Hmmmm…
  101. Talkin’ Trash on the Internet… What You Can Do When People Badmouth Your Company Online.
  102. We’ve Created What We Think is the Perfect “Coaching Program” for the Aquatics Industry…
  103. Do You Hate The BBB Too?
  104. Boy, did I get my butt chewed last week…
  105. One of the best SEO secrets I’ve ever found… – And you can get it on-line for only 29 bucks.
  106. “To Blog, or Not to Blog…” – Yes, that really is the question.
  107. A Dirt-Cheap Way to Class up Your Office or Showroom…
  108. Extraordinary service? Don’t kid yourself…
  109. Free Help with Sales and Marketing… – New Wednesday Seminars Designed Specifically For You.
  110. Will Facebook Help You Sell More Pools? – Here’s how to “get up to speed” with the new “Social Media”
  111. Where Pool Sales Should Come From – Real Data from Real Pool Builders…
  112. Some Advice For Your Photographer – Plus a couple of free gifts for you…
  113. Comparing Pool Builders’ Ads – Some real examples from the CT RSVP pack…
  114. How To Make Ad $$ Go Further
  115. Shameless Self-Promotion – Why it’s sometimes good for everybody….
  116. USTREAM.TV Yet another way to drive FREE website traffic…
  117. USTREAM.TV – Part 2 – Some big surprises, both good and bad…
  118. Advertising Your Website… SEO, SEM and PPC Explained
  119. Proactive Referral Programs for Pool Builders
  120. Uncovering your advantages…
  121. The 3-Legged Milk-Stool Strategy
  122. Using “Follow-Up” to Survive Tough Times…
  123. Dealing with Low-Ball Pool Builders (Part 2)
  124. Dealing with Low-Ball Builders (Part 1)
  125. Such an easy way to promote your business… Why don’t more people do it?
  126. For Builders Who Hate Home Shows… Turn a “Pain” into a “Payoff”
  127. For “Do-It-Yourself” Marketers… 10 “Must-Read” Advertising Books
  128. More Suggestions For Your Website…
  129. Your Dual-Purpose Advertising & Selling Tool… Let’s Talk About Your Website.
  130. Buying a Little More Confidence… For a whole lot less than a $10,000 DVD
  131. When Prospects Don’t Buy… Dealing with a Shortage of Confidence
  132. Marketing for Pool Builders – It ain’t as easy as it used to be…
  133. Marketing Tips for Pool Builders This ain’t the Super Bowl…
  134. Advertising in the Yellow Pages…
  135. 4 Quick Easy Ways for Pool Builders to Spice Up Their Ad Materials
  136. If You’re So Good…
  137. Quick & Easy Marketing Tips for Pool Builders
  138. If You’re Gonna Advertise…Do It Wisely!
  139. 6 More Marketing Tips for Pool Builders

Here are some other marketing articles written specifically for pool builders…

These articles were written by or about Brett Abbott and our marketing system for swimming pool builders. They were written specifically with pool builders in mind, though some of these touch on Pool Service and Retail also:

  1. “Inside the Minds of Today’s Swimming Pool Buyers” (Q2, 2017)
  2. “Why Trade Shows are Perfect for Pool Builders (Q4, 2014)
  3. “How to Convert More Pool Prospects into BUYERS” (Q4, 2014)
  4. “How to Get the Best Leads of All” (Q4, 2014)
  5. “Look At It From Your Customer’s Perspective” (Q3, 2014)
  6. “Stand Out to Beat the Competition” (Q3, 2014)
  7. “Your Online Image is Critical” (Q3, 2014)
  8. “The WRONG and RIGHT of Social Media” (Q3, 2014)
  9. “Nurture Your Prospects to BUY from YOU” (Q3, 2014)
  10. “Pool Selling Secrets From a Marketing Guy(Q3, 2014)
  11. Update Your Marketing System” (AQ, Spring 2009)
  12. Sales Getting A Little Thin? Update Your Marketing System… (APSP Quarterly, Spring 2009)
  13. Marketing Secrets” (POOL & SPA NEWS, Dec 2007)
  14. Maintenance Free Swimming Pools” (NEW HOMES MAGAZINE, Summer 2007)
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