How to Enhance Website Accessibility (and stay out of trouble)

About a year ago, I wrote an article about the importance of ADA compliance on websites. Entitled “Lawsuits Suck”, I harped on the growing act of greedy lawyers filing lawsuits against unsuspecting pool companies, for no reason other than to line their pockets.

The pretense was that they are helping the world by improving website accessibility for everyone.

Improved website accessibility is a good thing. I just couldn’t stomach the idea of these self-serving lawyers extorting you for $100,000 or more – not because they want to improve accessibility, but because they simply want to line their pockets with your cash.

My acrimony was obvious when I wrote that article.

So let me re-approach that now with a somewhat softer and more enlightened tone. Because the truth is, there are many people who have difficulty accessing websites due to any number of disabilities.

It’s in the best interest of all to proactively make your websites fully accessible.

Not just because lawyers are gunning for you. But because it’s the right thing to do.

Just to reiterate, this is important because websites are an extension of our physical world, including your business. It is both a legal and moral imperative to make our websites accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.

There are now advanced software subscriptions which will instantly make your website ADA compliant. After researching several of these, I have found “accessiBe” to be the superior choice, in effectiveness, and in ease of implementation.

accessiBe uses Artificial Intelligence to scan and modify websites, achieving significant compliance with ADA guidelines, while enhancing the user experience for all visitors.

It also shows the world you’re committed to inclusivity and ADA compliance, which is obviously a good thing.

Taking the Next Step:

If you’re interested in making your website more accessible and inclusive, you can get a demo or free trial here.

If you’d rather have us set it up for you,
it’s $475 for a year.

Just reply to this e-mail with “Set me up!” and we will take care of it from there.

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