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Our “Marketing Coach” program is
SPECIFICALLY for Pool Builders and Service Companies,
And It Doesn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a pool-industry marketing expert at your side, Marketing Coachshowing you step-by-step how to roll out a proven marketing system that guarantees you will:

Get more leads
Sell more pools
Make more money
Avoid costly mistakes

With the right marketing system, you’ll get predictable and profitable resultsMarketing is what gets you out of the rat race. You can stop fighting a price war, and stop losing out to low-ball pool builders.

Start selling a higher-value pool at a higher price.

If you’ve already got the technical expertise, then marketing is what you’ll need to position yourself at the next level, to reach a new breed of clientele.

That’s what our “Marketing Coaching for Pool Builders” does for you. It’s like having a high-powered $200K/yr Marketing Executive in your hip pocket. (Without having to pay the $200,000 per year salary!)

What if you could sell just 6 more pools this year?

What if you could increase your LEADS by just 10%?
VERY achievable, starting with just a few minor changes to your website. If you were getting 300 leads, you would now have 330 leads.  If you’re selling 1-in-5 of your leads (a reasonable industry average), you just sold SIX MORE POOLS.

What if you could increase your CLOSING RATIO by 10%?
Also very achievable, once you have this one simple piece of paper hand, that I will help you create. If you WERE selling -in-5 of your leads (20%), you would now be selling 22% of your leads.  So instead of 60 pools, you would now sell 66 poolsan increase of ANOTHER SIX POOLS.

What if you could increase your PRICE by just 5%?
Surprisingly easy to do, once people understand WHY your pool is built better and worth more.
If your average price WAS $40,000, and you sold 60 pools, then your gross income would go from $2.4 million to $2.52 million – an increase of $120,000. At a 5% net margin, that alone is AN EXTRA $6,000 profit in your pocket every year.

When you add it up, IT’S WORTH A FORTUNE!

What if you could do ALL OF THE ABOVE?
Get more leads, improve your closing ratio AND sell at a higher price.
330 leads times a 22% closing ratio equals 72 pool sales (instead of 60). With a 5% price increase, you’ve now made $3.049M for the year, an increase of $649,000.

And that was just doing the EASY stuff! ALL of this is easy, IF you know what to do. That’s where I come in.  I KNOW what YOU need to do to make more money and sell more pools. So what are you waiting for?

The “Marketing for Pool Builders” Coaching Program:
Only $1,495 down, and $498/mo.

Our “Marketing for Pool Builders” Coaching Program gives you exactly what you need to turn your business around:

✔ It’s EASY!

    • Twice-monthly, private, one-on-one coaching with pool-industry marketing guru Brett Lloyd Abbott.

✔ It’s PROVEN!

  • You’ll discover the secrets of marketing and selling pools that work in this economy, gleaned from years of “in-the-field” testing with hundreds of different pool builders, from high-end to low-end, big and small, all over the world.


  • You’ll start fixing the flaws, holes and weaknesses in your current marketing system immediately. You can start changing your image in your marketplace TODAY!


Together we’ll tackle ALL ASPECTS of your marketing system, including:

  • Establish and define your “Unique Selling Proposition”
  • Manage your “outside perception” (How does the public currently see you?)
  • Gather and create the evidence we need to support your story
  • Identify “10 Reasons Homeowners Are Better off Doing Business with You”
  • Create a powerful Elevator Pitch
  • Give your website a serious overhaul
  • Review your current ad obligations (Yellow Pages, Magazines, Internet, etc.)
  • Come up with better, more cost-effective advertising strategies
  • Review your current marketing materials
  • Set up your automatic follow-up system
  • Implement a “Proactive referrals” system
  • Set up your tracking systems (to measure ROI)
  • Review your current Lead Management system; update if necessary
  • Create a “Pool Ideas” CD or DVD, or some other “low risk offer
  • Create or update your company brochure
  • Create a custom “Pool Contractor’s Standards Guide”
  • Review and enhance your selling process
  • Review the potential for “joint ventures” (if appropriate)
  • Review your tactical marketing plan and budget
  • Review your current signage (vehicles, facility, yard signs, etc.) and modify if necessary
  • Review and modify your business cards, as necessary
  • Review your search engine rankings and strategies, and modified as necessary
  • Plus anything and everything else that will help you sell more pools and make more money.


Try it risk-free for 60 days. If you’re not ABSOLUTELY convinced it’s worth at least TWICE what you’ve paid, WE WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK.

The “Marketing for Pool Builders” Coaching Program:
Only $1,495 to start, and $498/mo.

To check availability, call 18-PROFITS-UP!
(877) 634-8787 or email us at

Marketing for Pool Builders

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about our “Marketing for Pool Builders” program.

Review your current marketing materials – Keep what’s good, fix what’s bad, see what’s missing.

Review your current ad obligations – Newspapers, Yellow Pages, radio, TV, Internet, etc.

Review your current lead management system – How good is your follow-up?

Obtain a “vanity phone number” – Make it easy for people to remember your number in signs and ads.

Initiate the “radius marketing” program – Selling in neighborhoods where you’re already building.

Revise / update your website – No matter how good your website is, we can make it better.

Create or update your DVD – If you don’t have one, we will arrange to create one.

Create / update your company brochure – To showcase your capabilities and accomplishments.

Create your custom “Pool Contractor’s Standards Guide” – Here is why people should choose you.

Set up your “hopper system” – Let’s automate the follow-up process with all your leads.

Set up your automatic referral systems – These are the most valuable leads we could ever get.

Set up tracking systems – We need to measure our effectiveness and return on investment (ROI).

Assess your sales process – The marketing is meaningless if we don’t have a good sales process.

Train your people – Everyone needs to “get on board” with the program.

Establish joint ventures, if appropriate – Partnerships with homebuilders, landscape architects, etc.

Establish a tactical marketing plan and budget – Planning and tracking the tactical expenses.

Ongoing management – Weekly web-based teleconferences to ensure swift implementation.

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  2. Sounds like you found the right page, Michael. Because this Marketing Coach program is all about:

    1) Maximizing the number of leads you get, for minimal cost.

    2) Creating sales tools and offering sales training to improve your closing ratios.

    3) And looking for any and all other opportunities to help you grow your business for the least expense.

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