What Our Clients Say about Pool Builder Marketing (aka MYM Austin)…

Over the years, we’ve collected HUNDREDS (if not THOUSANDS) of flattering testimonials – Almost too many for one web page. We’ve tried to organize them to some degree, based on the product or service in mind…


Lew Akins“I had never hired a marketing consultant in 30 years before I hired Brett, because I was smarter than everyone I ever met, and I didn’t feel like I needed to pay them money for something that was less effective than what I was already doing.”
“After meeting with Brett, I got excited that I’d finally found someone that understood the right way to market our business.
“If you’re having trouble with marketing your pool business, you definitely need to talk to Pool Builder Marketing.”

Lew Akins
Founder, Ocean Quest Pools by Lew Akins www.LewAkins.com

“Brett & Naomi – Thank you both for a well-served 15 years. I am thankful for everything you have done in helping grow this chapter, and equally thankful for what I have learned observing you and your leadership skills. I hope you will consider being an optional presenter in our queue, and look forward to seeing you at industry shows. Naomi – Thank you so much for always bringing the smile to our meetings. Our hardest work will be finding your replacement.”

Addam Barrow
PHTA – Austin Chapter President

“You guys a life saver and as always we greatly appreciate you and your team.
You are the best! Thank you again.”

Jamie Young
PM Pool Guys

“Brett – Talking with most key employees since yesterday, it seems they really enjoyed and gained valuable information from your training…myself included!
We appreciate you giving us your expertise in so many areas yesterday, and look forward to our future projects together.”

Dan Lenz
All Seasons Pool

“I have always paid a lot of attention to whatever you had to say. I have been in the pool industry 45 years, and I tell other pool builders if they have any marketing questions, needs, etc., to see you and subscribe to your services. I highly recommend it. I appreciate what you do!”

Steve Hood
Crystal Clear Pool Co.

“Once again, your experience proves invaluable.
Thank you for detailed list of recommendations.”

Tom Odeski,
Founder and President since 1989

“We had Brett Abbott come in to do some sales training and customer service training. He was excellent and he definitely made an impact on our team that will be felt for years to come.”

Matt Gohlke
Gohlke Pools

Review taken from Google reviews.

“Since Pool Builder Marketing, LLC.has been managing our website, our calls have increased dramatically.  Brett and his team updated our website in a way that helped to increase our presence on the internet search engines.  I highly recommend their service.”

Leta Iovinelli
Blue Escapes Pools

Review taken from Google reviews.

“I deliberately held back my review of Pool Builder Marketing until working with them for 12+ months now. It has become apparent, the entire team genuinely cares about our success. They consistently provide our pool company with a wealth of marketing tactics, combining modern digital marketing strategies with common sense sales training. We really owe a lot of our success to Brett and his team.”

Tom Brannam

Review taken from Google reviews.

“Brett is a marketing guru who helped us drastically improve our business. Not only is he good in what he does, he makes sure that he shares the best practices and strategies that we can use in the business. I felt that our conversations went way beyond what other consultants would have offered. He is awesome and I would highly recommend him to any small business like we have.”

Josh Kantor
Aqua Doc Pool Clinic

Review taken from Google reviews.

“MYM did an outstanding job on our website and we are very happy.  They are easy to work with, and did everything we wanted in a timely manner.  Our customers love our new website and so do we!!”

Dave Calhoun
Sharper Image Pools

Review taken from Google reviews.

“I have known Brett for many years but have never been in need of his services.  Recently I consulted with him on an email marketing project that I was having problems with.  He offered very precise ideas and concepts and so far the results have been phenomenal.  I highly recommend him for any sales or marketing help.”

Thom Blumenkamp
Creative Watershapes Design & Consulting

Review taken from Google reviews.

“Thank you for all the good training. I think my people got a lot from all the things you went over. I was impressed that you kept it enjoyable and engaging for that long without it seeming like a classroom setting.”

Jason Satterwhite
Puryear Custom Pools

Comments on our Website Work…

Websites are probably the single most important part of a pool builder’s marketing and advertising strategy. (Check out my blog post on this for more insight.) Here’s what our website clients have to say about our work:

“I want to thank you for taking the time to sell to the management of SSG. We’re a big company and large scale change can be incredibly time consuming.The work you and your team put into our website has been incredibly beneficial to me in multiple ways. First, leads procured through my referrals can comfortably be sent directly to the site to view pictures and information prior to my coming out to their home.

“Second and more importantly, for those that find us online for the first time, we look like the best in New England (which we have been for years) but our image certainly didn’t look that way online.

“THANK YOU! I’m not saying you’re totally responsible, but what you’ve done has definitely helped me double my sales over last year and it’s only July!”
Scott Pancake; South Shore Gunite

As you know, I was very happy with my old FLASH website. Then I met you Brett, a gift of God, to make me see how much better I could be. You designed a great new website, and eliminated the original “flash” website, just as youthis and Richard Rex suggested to me. I want to thank you both because every time I see and read the new website that you created, I realize you are the greatest. You know what are you doing REALLY WELL. Thank you very much for all your help. You have here more than a friend. Salud!!!”Joan Roca; AQUART
Professional Watershape Designer by SWD; Platinum Member Genesis3 Design Group
Industrial Engineer by UACA, Costa Rica www.aquart.net

Lynn-Cullaty“You have exceeded my expectations! I really love the website. Many thanks to you and your staff. I will gladly put the final check in the mail today.”Lynn Cullaty; Spa World dba Cal Spas & Pools

Barry Twitchell, Owner of Playmore PoolsWhat a great job! More than I dreamed… You all have obviously worked very hard on this and it shows. I’m very, very happy…Thank you!”Barry Twitchell; PlayMore Pools Co.

“Brett – with the little extra that I have done local and your good-looking site for us, I have been busy with calls, and work!! Thanks!!”Noel A. Valade, General Manager

David Katz, Elite Landscaping“Great job with the web site, great, absolutely a true pleasure working with you. Just continue to cater to our insanity and we’ll do our best to keep smiling :O) !”David Katz; Elite Landscaping

Shellee Katz, Elite Landscaping“The website …. IS AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG. I love the black!! I love the mechanism to view all the pictures!! I love the links!! I love how the pictures are displayed. Totally, totally agree on ‘…the coolest, best-looking website I have ever seen in my life.'”Shellee Katz; Elite Landscaping

Pools by John clarkson“Of the last three appointments that I have gone to, they all for various reasons had been to our new website (referrals, Yellow Pages, etc.) and they have all commented on how great the website is. This has not happened in the past. Thank you, John and Jordan for the inspiration to move in this direction and thank you, Brett and company for making such an industry-leading website. I and all the sales staff appreciate the tools you are providing for our success.”Kevin Chung; Pools By John Clarkson www.PBJC.com

“MYM did an outstanding job on our website and we are very happy.  They are easy to work with, and did everything we wanted in a timely manner.  Our customers love our new website and so do we!!”Dave Calhoun
Sharper Image Pools
Review taken from Google reviews.

The website looks great– better than I could have imagined. Thanks for all the hard work. I am so glad that I chose MYM to give my site a makeover. We never realize how outdated we look until we get our site updated. I will gladly refer all of my friends in the pool business to MYM.Jim Schmidt; Aquatech Pools; Meridian, ID

Compliment from a homeowner to Ocean Quest regarding their updated Ocean Quest Pools website:
“I must compliment you on your website. It is one of the most thorough and impressive sites I’ve seen. It’s a great reflection on your business.”
Neil Aussenberg, Austin TX

Compliment from a homeowner to Pools By Murphy, regarding the website
“Sue and Frank, I just entered my request for an opening date using the website a little while ago. But, I had to email you to tell you that I LOVE the website! I just went in and looked at all of the testimonial videos and the custom pool photo gallery. The pictures were amazing, and our pool and backyard would fit right in!”Joan Conlan, Connecticutt

Regarding the newly launched “Nordic Hot Tubs” pages on the “Ocean Quest Pools by Lew Akins” website
“It looks great! Thank you for your help with this!”
Kristy Mart; Ocean Quest Pools by Lew Akins

“Brett – you sure deserve a compliment on the nice job you did with Southernwind Pools web site. We occasionally get inquiries for web designers, and have few to recommend. We would like to put your name in the hat!Anne Davidson; Vital Signs, McKinney TX

Comments about Marketing Tools, Brochures, etc….

Ken Sherman, Essig PoolsRegarding a new 20-page brochure:“The brochures came out fantastic.

I’ll send you one.”
Ken Sherman
Sales Manager
Essig Pools Inc.

Marshall Weiner, Champagne Pools and SpasRegarding an 88-page Photobook:
“Brett – I just picked up my book Wednesday and used it the same day. It is “f-ing” unbelievable! Thank you for your effort!”
Best regards,
Marshall Weiner
Sales Manager
Champagne Pools and Spas

Rik Holberg, Splash and CompanyRegarding the new fliers for the APSP Golf/Fishing Tournaments:
“WOW – Nice!”Rik Holberg; Splash and Company
Austin, TX

Wes HaighRegarding the Home Show training:“Never in the last nine years have we come anywhere close to getting that many leads at this home show. This was incredible. We’re very happy!”
Wes Haigh
Owner, Guaranteed Pool & Spa

Comments on Training & Seminars…

Brett gives educational seminars online, at client sites, and at public and private pool industry conventions all over the United States and beyond.

The most popular sessions cover MARKETING, WEBSITES, SOCIAL MEDIA, REFERRAL PROGRAMS, TAKING BETTER PHOTOS, TAKING DRONE VIDEOS, HOW TO KICK BUTT AT A HOME SHOW, and MAXIMIZING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, and anything else that helps pool builders sell more swimming pools. Following are some comments from various live seminars conducted by Brett around country in recent years:

  • Best class! Lots of info; Very professional
  • Excellent! Love his energy!!
  • This was an awesome experience
  • He was great, thank you!!!
  • Great content/excellent speaker
  • So good! … Great Seminar!
  • Great, great, great course!!! Brett was phenomenal!
  • It was great – best course of the show! Thank you.
  • I wish Brett had two full days of classes. AWESOME!
  • Great information. Excellent, knowledgeable instructor.
  • Great presentation; I learned so much; Brett was very engaging, very enjoyable.
  • Brett was great! Kept our attention, very informative.
  • Great ideas. Brett gave me incentive.
  • Everything he covered is exactly what we need to work on.
  • All information was current. Great presenter.
  • Got useful marketing tips. An excellent course. Bring him back.
  • Extremely useful and practical; good ideas.
  • Brett Abbott does a very good job. Thanks!
  • Great information – I liked that he used a lot of real examples.
  • Got to the stuff that works and then elaborated on it.
  • Brett is very entertaining; a great speaker. Very informative.
  • Excellent information and ideas; well worth the time!
  • Great ideas, great information!
  • Well informed! Excellent presentation!
  • Good content. Surprisingly interesting.
  • Nice to hear where new strategies in marketing can pay off.
  • Gave a lot of great ideas and examples; well done!
  • Encouraging; got me excited about creating a webpage.
  • Brett was very good. Very informative. Bring this back.
  • Increase length. Want more of this!
  • Very, very good, thank you.
  • Awesome, needs a bigger time slot.
  • Fantastic! Have him back.

Hi Brett,
“I’m one of those rare individuals who listened to what you had to say at these shows over the last couple of years. The tips I picked up from you are really paying off. We are having the best sales success this fall than any other time in our 18 years in business. We pounded the pavement, rebuilt our website, held open houses, and have more jobs sold and at higher dollar values than at any point in our career.

The tips you guys are giving are real. They work. We did it. We’re grateful for your time and professionalism. Thanx, and keep on keeping on.”

Gregory Kirwan, CBP
Casual Water, Ltd. Bridgehampton, NY

Comments on our “Marketing for Pool Builders” Newsletter…

People seem to enjoy our newsletters….

“Great article with excellent points!!! I agree that “the first step in getting your prospects to recognize your superiority over your competition is to begin managing your outside perception.”
Vance Gillette

Zodiac Corporation“Hi Brett. This is your best article yet… I agree with all your points, many of which I didn’t know before I read it. Nice job.”
Greg Howard

President, Carecraft
“Brett – LOVED the newsletter! Well written, (as usual), and I thought the subject matter was extraordinary!”
Rex Richard
Founder, Pool Genius Network
“Great article this morning and I appreciate you putting out the positive message to help keep all of us focused on the goal. Thank you for fighting the good fight and keeping the positive word out there for others to hear. I always enjoy your email letters and I know that others do too.”
Chuck Baumann
Creative Environments
“Hey Brett, love your work. Keep em coming mate.”
Andrew Plithakis
Liquid Blue Pools, Australia
I just wanted say you’re AWESOME!!! Your words of advice in the pool industry have helped my family business so much here lately. So thanks so much.”
(Name withheld)

“I have a networking group I meet with every Thursday, and during the meeting each business owner stands and gives a 45 second sales manager moment little speech. Your newsletters have helped me get the word out about my company and why we are better at what we do. Thanks a Million!”
Kimberly Ethridge
St. Augustine Pools, Inc.

“Bravo on the subject matter of this, the latest and greatest installment! I was just complaining to my wife about this very issue. (I even found myself looking for a link on the BBB site, as anyone might do, thinking certainly the BBB would have, at the very least a feedback link) what was I thinking?“In any event, thank you for the rant … I feel better already!”
Chris P.
Blast Clear, Austin, Texas

“I thoroughly enjoy reading your newsletters. I think they are very helpful.
Robert W. Keesee
Southeast Fiberglass Pools

“Excellent Brett. Thanks so much for passing the tools to your (and our) clients! We’re doing strategy work right now on Luxury Pools print and web, including SEO, geo-targeting, simplified navigation, blogging, etc. NOW we have to educate these guys on how to be their own champions, using the many tools available. Nice that you thought to provide the mechanism for them to do their own stat gathering. We coulda… woulda… shoulda…well…thanks!”
Carol Anne Gigliotti
President, Manor House Publishing

“Terrific article, Brett. I’ll be doing a social networking article for Aqua soon. With your permission I might ask you if I can quote part of this and credit you in the article. I’m also going to be implementing your suggestions for my own business.
Cordially, Merry Wise
Wise Pools, Houston TX

“Excellent commentary Brett. Keep up the good work!”
Nigel Leach
WW Adcock

Comments on “Other Marketing Stuff”…

We do a lot of different things for our clients, beyond just “generating leads” and “helping to close more sales.” Here are some comments from lots of clients and organizations regarding “other marketing activities” such as training, public relations, copywriting, strategy development and more.

“Loved – Loved – Loved the meeting today. You let me “vent” and helped me come up with a strategy to at least get started. You helped me see that I am not the right person to jump in and fix things in the service department – in part because its not a good personality fit for me, a point which I needed to be reminded of.”

“Thank you for helping me in marketing but also for coaching me on management as well. I appreciate the candidness that you and I share where we don’t walk on eggshells with each other- and we just get to the point. Although we are business “partners” (for lack of better words), I consider you my friend and I trust you.”

<Name Withheld>

“I want to thank you for being THE class act of the industry. I just read your 2014 assessment and it is this reinforcement that people need to hear, specifically from someone of your stature. Thanks for all that you do my friend. You must know how much we appreciate you.”

“Kind regards, always.”

Cliff Prescott, Principal; FatTowels Inc.

Your trade show presentation was awesome! Thank you for offering your time and expertise, it is greatly appreciated! Would you be so kind as to forward me the presentation so I can send it to our exhibitors?”

Laura Mitchell
Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce

“Brett, thanks for all of your efforts in promoting Jumpstart! You are truly an inspiration to me with your enthusiasm, integrity and dedication. You were primarily responsible for making Jumpstart the success it was. I too look forward to once again working with you. With a SMILE!”

Jim Gentil, Mr. Positive
Speaker – Motivational, Informative, Inspirational
Author – 60-Second System, Positive People Power!

“Thanks for all of the help on such short timing. We sold four tubs, which is four more than we sold last year. Additionally, I’ve spent my entire morning entering David’s pool leads that he got from the home show. This was our best show ever!”

Aaron Reynolds
Hot Tub Sales, Ocean Quest Pools by Lew Akins

“Brett, thank you for your insight. Your ‘first-person approach’ is phenomenal and what a wonderful skill you have for writing. That comes so naturally for you. Thanks again!”

Judi Cherry
JCV Video Productions, Inc.

“I just wanted you to know that, of all the way-too-long-ass e-zines I get, yours is the only one I read. Really. The ONLY ONE. I am a “high I” on the DISC scale, so I don’t like details and I generally skim long articles if I HAVE to read them. But yours almost always has valuable information that I want to absorb. Sure, I have heard some of it before, in marketing classes and such, but I really get a lot out of it.
I hope you are planning a book. This stuff is PRICELESS!

Susan Morrow
Copywriter, Words Are We

“Brett Abbott first introduced me to the MYM Marketing Program in 2005. Since then I have referred several people to him as I believe that today, MYM has the strongest marketing consulting program that money can buy. Period. If you are spending money on marketing and you are not using the MYM Marketing System, you are wasting your money.

Jefre Outlaw
Entrepreneur & Networking Specialist

“Thanks again, Brett. It was great to see MYM successfully work in the not-for-profit field. Great work and great collaborative effort. Congratulations to you and everyone who was involved. I hope to do it here in NY.”

Barry Adelman
Monopolize Your Marketplace

“Brett, you did a FANTASTIC job today! I think everyone came away with more than they expected to get. The delivery exceeded the promise… with a SMILE!”

Jim Gentil, Mr. Positive
Speaker – Motivational, Informative, Inspirational
Author – 60-Second System, Positive People Power!

“Brett, the ten-CD set has been extremely helpful and a solid first step. I personally feel that Monopolize Your Marketplace is one of the best-kept secrets in the business world… something I know you’re working diligently on changing.”

Steve Welhausen
Junk Busters USA, Austin

“I admire your drive, energy and excellent work ethic.”

Al Trappe
Photography by Alicebeth

“Thanks again for your continued top-notch PR/Marketing job your doing for the Austin Chord Rangers. It is appreciated by all of the members. And Congratulations on winning first in the Holiday Poster category.

Frank Mignoli
President, Austin Chord Rangers

“The report from Ray (Settles) just came in… Brett gets an A+ for his steady leadership and powerful presentation. We are all better today than we were yesterday.”

David Steinberg
Marketing Consultant, New York

“I want you to know how much I enjoy and appreciate working with you. Your decisiveness, clarity, and attention to detail make things so easy. It’s rare to get a project with prepared copy and specs, much less to have those things done as well as you do them. It’s a real pleasure. Thank you.”

Kirsten Nothstine
Creative Director, Tiny Empire Design

That’s a great ad!”

Rusty Schramm
Hot Tubs Manager, Ocean Quest Pools by Lew Akins

“I really like your referral check holder and the check itself. I really think you did a great job.”

Brett Padgett

“Thank you so much for speaking at Freelance Austin last month. You really did a wonderful job and I know I got a lot out of your talk. Thank you for sharing your expertise.”

Susan Morrow
Copywriter, Words Are We

You never cease to amaze. You handled a difficult issue with extreme professionalism. You folks are truly as good as they come and it is a pleasure to know/work with you.”

Dan Billings

“Wow! This was the best Memorial Day performance I have participated in (my fourth). We made it on KXAN-TV and in the Austin Statesman. The marketing efforts paid off, and Brett did a masterful job as emcee.”

Frank Mignoli
President, Austin Chord Rangers

“Brett, you’re a master. I’m off to the TV studio for my Friday taping but will respond in detail later. In the meantime, thanks for your keen input.”

Dana Cooper

“Wow! What a great article Brett. I really enjoyed this. Thanks!


“Great job. You make a very good emcee. I heard from folks that we got good coverage from KXAN.”

Lon Badgett
Vice President, Austin Chord Rangers

You’re doing an awesome job! I hope you will continue to support us under the new leadership.”

Rich Flinchbaugh
Singer, Austintatious Quartet

Wow! I love what you did. The flyer is wonderful. Thank you.”

Mark Briody
Singer, Congress Avenue Connection Quartet

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful article you did on Chelsey that appeared in the Lake Travis View. It really was well-done and we appreciate you highlighting Chelsey in that way. Thanks again.”

Wendy Daniel

“Brett won a PROBE award a couple of months ago for the best holiday show flyer. The flyer is awesome and is really due a good spread. It had super color and a very clean layout.”

Philip Maxfield
Director, Barbershop Harmony Society

“Genius about the monitor… pure genius! As computer-savvy as I am, I’m ashamed I didn’t think of it first… hmmmm, I’ll just have to outsmart you on another day.”

Dacia Osborne
Virtual Administrator, Austin TX

“Ya up’n did a bang-up job on this one, Mister!”

Richard Oliver
Marketing Consultant, Oceanside, California

“Brett, the Guest Nite flyers and Show poster look FANTASTIC! Great Work!”

Emil J. Otis
Public Relations, Austin Chord Rangers

“You’re smooth… have you thought about selling refrigerators to Eskimos?”

Lon Badgett
Vice President, Austin Chord Rangers

“Here is the form Brett supplied us with for class today. I hope you were impressed with the information he shared with us. I learned a great deal. He delivers with passion and confidence in his message. What a pleasure!

Midge Norris

“Thanks Brett–your PR work really paid off. K-EYE 42 gave us a good three minutes of airtime around the theme of our winning division victory again after 37 years. Elizabeth did a great job of weaving Russ and my interviews around the Singing. Austintatious singing to Elizabeth got the lead-in and a good five to ten-second airing. And once again, your screen displays and presentation made a great impression on the quality of our organization.”

Frank Mignoli
President, Austin Chord Rangers

“Brett, very nice flyer indeed. In one word, ‘CLASSY!’ Thanks for sharing.”

George Williamson
Publicity Director, Orlando Chapter; Barbershop Harmony Society

“Thanks very much, Brett. That is some awesome certificate! I’ll use it for inspiration. We have used silent auctions, but our display did not have the kind of impact that your certificate does. You have really showed us what can and should be done.”

Mike Popelka
Publicity Director, Milwaukee Chapter; Barbershop Harmony Society

Most Of Our Clients are NOT Great Actors…

They’re famous for building beautiful pools and landscapes instead. But nonetheless, we’ve managed to capture on film what a few of our clients have to say about working with Pool Builder Marketing. Click a video thumbnail below to see and hear it “straight from the horse’s mouth.”


“Working with Brett and the whole staff at Pool Builder Marketing has been a great experience. They’ve been professional, fun, pleasant to work with, and very responsive. We’re working toward what we hope to achieve in this down market. I think that without them, the future would be much more bleak.
William Gates “Gator” Green
President & Owner, Fountain Pools www.FountainPoolsWF.com

“Working with Brett is great. He’s able to capture ideas I have, and turn those into marketing tools and things that make a difference. Brett’s brought in the talent to help me market and regenerate some of the ambition that I have. It’s given me more fire in my company. It’s great to have a partner, and Brett is that for me when it comes to building my business.”
John Versfelt
Owner, Southernwind Pools www.SouthernwindPools.com

“Working with Brett has been very simple. He’s got everything really well streamlined and prompt. When we do our weekly meetings, it’s all business, “get it done” and “here’s your marching orders for next week.” It’s nice to operate at the level of efficiency that he has. He kind of pushes you a little bit, so it works well.”

Patrick Murphy
Director of Sales, Pools By Murphy www.PoolsByMurphy.com

MYM has given us enthusiasm in marketing, which is something we’ve always been weak at. We’re great at building pools; MYM is now teaching us how to better market ourselves, and get the consumer to understand what it is we do. They’re a wonderful company; I would recommend them to anybody.”
Richard Moseley
Co-Owner, Champagne Pools


I just picked up my book Wednesday and used it the same day.

It is “f ing” unbelievable!

Thank you for your effort!

Best regards,

Marshall Weiner

Sales Manager

Champagne Pools and Spas

407-832-8903 cell

407-323-6941 fax


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