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When we’re finished, you’ll have SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATIONS of what you might need to do to be more successful. (And it does NOT require that you hire us! Seriously, this really is NO OBLIGATION. Just free advice from an expert.)

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6 Responses to “Schedule an Appointment”

  1. Brett and Naomi,
    I know you concentrate on pool builders. But do you ever take on someone like us? If so, I’d like to learn more about what you do. We install automatic covers (mostly for builders) and do pool renovation and pool service. I’m looking to update our web presence (I’m not pleased with our two sites though the pool cover site brings in many leads). Also, I’m on Houzz and would like to see if that avenue can be improved. My over all goal is to grow our company.
    Let me know. Thanks,
    Tom Odeski

  2. Hello Brett

    Hopefully you are working tomorrow
    would love to chat about a few things

  3. Look forward to talking to you about my website as well as automated emails to prospective clients (the drip method)!

  4. How much monthly for AdWords work for my small pool building company (~3M Rev). High-level estimate is all I need, thanks much

  5. Hey Ryan – There are a lot of different factors to consider, including how much competition is in your market, how many leads you want/need per month, and where exactly you are going to do your advertising. (Not to mention – how many leads are you getting from other sources, such as referrals and partnerships.) But I can offer these guidelines – in the US, I consider it to be a waste of time for a pool builder to spend anything less than $2000 per month on PPC. Double that if it’s a competitive market.

    It looks like you are in Lisbon, Portugal, so your market might be a little different.

    Fortunately for you, I am about to announce a webinar specifically on PPC advertising, scheduled for Wednesday, September 11. You’ll get all your questions answered there. I will add you to our email list so you get the official notification that’s coming out next week.

  6. Scheduled website evaluation. Thank you!