Marketing Is Wasted If You Can’t Close the Sale.
So Don’t Overlook the Sales Training!

It breaks my heart to see someone spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising, only to see the sales rep lose the sale due to lack of skills or experience. That’s why we provide group training and one-on-one sales training to pool designers & pool sales reps all over the world. Our goal is to help your salespeople sell as many pools as possible, with as many features and options as possible, at the price you need to stay in business.

GOOD pool designers close >20% of their face-to-face meetings.

Are Your Salespeople Closing Less Than 1 in 5 Prospects?

In our experience, any salesperson who is closing less than 20% of their face-to-face prospects is “under-performing,” and most likely needs some sales coaching and guidance.

Our sales training is especially valuable for NEW salespeople, but we consistently get praise and accolades from ALL salespeople who attend our sessions, even top-performing salespeople with many decades of sales experience in the pool industry.

Key Elements of our Sales Training & Coaching

Our training covers a multitude of skills and topics, including:

  1. How to talk to prospects on the phone.
  2. How to interact with prospects face-to-face
  3. How to talk about money.
  4. How to avoid the price fight.
  5. How to properly use your sales tools.
  6. How to deal with prospects who “disappear.”
  7. How to sell more than you ever thought possible.
  8. How to become the designer homeowners prefer to do business with.
  9. How to maintain control of the designer/prospect relationship, from start to finish.
  10. How to “Win the prospect’s hearts and minds at Hello.”

ONLINE Sales Training & Coaching

Our online training is normally delivered in two phases:

  • The GROUP training covers all 10 items above, typically over the course of two 1-hour sessions.
  • The ONE-ON-ONE sessions are each custom-designed and executed based on the specific needs of the individual salesperson. We look at actual past sales calls experiences, and existing sales opportunities, to determine:
    • The designer’s strengths, and what is working well.
    • The designer’s weaknesses, and where they need help.
    • Specific strategies and tactics to use with current sales opportunities.
    • The success of utilizing the skills taught in the previous session.


  1. All online training sessions are recorded and made available to the client for unlimited playback.
  2. All one-on-one sessions are treated as confidential (for greater comfort and sharing of personal challenges), unless requested otherwise by the sales manager or owner in advance.

LIVE Sales Training & Coaching

Each face-to-face training session is custom-designed in advance to address the specific needs and challenges of that company. Lasting from 2 to 6 hours or more, we typically cover some combination of the following topics:

  • Basic sales/designer tips and tricks, to make you more comfortable, confident and successful.
  • Advanced sales skills, to help you “Win Them at Hello.”
  • Commercial sales strategies.
  • How to work with homebuilders & architects.
  • How to build a culture of “Winning Customer Satisfaction.”
  • How to elegantly “Maximize Your Referrals, without Begging or Bribing.”
  • How to “Seriously Kick Butt at a Home Show”.

Thanks to our reputation as marketing experts in the swimming pool industry, it’s not unusual for clients to also request some non-sales training and education during our on-site visits. This typically involves such topics as:

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Automated Follow-Up
  • Reputation Management
  • Promoting Your Service Business
  • How to Take Better Photos and Videos of Pools

Scheduling your Sales Training

We have several different options for sales training, depending on where you are and what you need.

  • One-hour online training – $495 per session.

  • Half-day (4 hours training plus up to 4 hours travel) – $1495 plus travel expenses. Applies to any location within 4 hours of Austin Texas.

  • Multi-day / overnight – Pricing is based on multiple full-day and/or half-day charges as appropriate, plus any travel expenses. Contact us for a quote.
  • In all cases, the pricing is based on the session(s), not the number of students. An unlimited number of students may attend any particular session.

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Testimonials and Successes of our Sales Training

All of our sales training programs come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have NEVER had a client request a refund.

One key question we ask all sales training participants is “Did you get anything valuable out of the session?100% of our participants have emphatically stated YES!


One of our clients gave a young (twenty-something) repair technician the opportunity to move over to the sales/design department. He had a good attitude, but no sales skills at all, and found it difficult to relate to the two other seasoned salespeople who were twice his age. So we put him through six of our online training sessions – first with the “crash overview” of sales skills, and then one-on-one coaching to build his confidence and hone his selling and interpersonal skills.

Three years later, this designer received recognition as the top-selling designer of all time, being the first to achieve more than $3.4M in sales in one year at this 35-year-old company.


  • “Thank you for all the good training. I think my people got a lot from all the things you went over. I was impressed that you kept it enjoyable and engaging for that long without it seeming like a classroom setting.”
    • Jason Satterwhite
      Puryear Custom Pools
  • “I just thought you’d want to know that <our newest sales rep> has been struggling with sales, but she just sold a pool on her first call after our sales training this morning!”
    • Josh Kantor, Aqua Doc Pool Clinic
  • “Brett – Thank you for such a great seminar, I really got a lot out of it. In fact, I would say more so than any other I attended. It was well worth it!”
    • Steve Hood, Crystal-Clear Pool Company
  • “Brett’s training sessions are always outstanding, and this one was no exception.”
    • R’nelle Lazlo, Blue Haven Pools
  • “We all picked up pointers from the session. All reps are interested in the one-on-one training.”
    • Kevin Ford, Pool Builders Inc.
  • “Good stuff today, we appreciate it very much :-)”
    • Eric Larsen, Larsen’s Pool and Spa
  • “You really did a GREAT job, way better than most speakers. You knocked it out of the park from my perspective, by providing great information and advice for the group.”
    • Frank Motola, Brandtastic LLC
  • “As always- your course is full of great tips and tricks. Everyone was pleased. Thanks again for coming!”
    • Jennifer Stranix, PENN-Jersey Chapter
  • “Your words not only impacted well, but I kept echoing your points during the remainder of the conference. Keep up the great work!”
    • Nigel Leach, W. W. Adcock
  • “Excellent content.” “Great interaction, and use of real life scenarios.” “Fun, and very relevant content.” “Great sales tips.” “Good information & techniques.”
    • Multiple participants from The Pool and Spa Show, Atlantic City, 2016
  • “Enjoyed the session very much.” “Great presentation and great information.” “Brett is very informative and entertaining.” “Give me more!”
    • Multiple participants from The IPSPE 2017


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