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Not Selling As Many Pools As You Want?

Are you tired of price-fighting with “low-baller” pool builders, while inferior and unworthy competition steals their unfair share of the business?  Then maybe it’s time for you to TURN THE TABLES and give yourself the marketing advantage that you rightly deserve.

We’re a marketing agency that works
EXCLUSIVELY in the swimming pool
We KNOW what works, and what’s a waste of time and money.

For the last 10 years, we’ve worked exclusively with pool builders, retailers and service companies, testing and refining our strategies with hundreds of different companies. You could say we’ve “cracked the code” on how to market your pool company.  And fortunately for pool builders, it’s not that complicated. Fundamentally, you really only need these 3 things to promote your company:

  1. A Great Story (Why should people choose YOU?)
  2. A Great Website (THAT’S where the buyers are searching.)
  3. Automatic Follow-Up (Because most homeowners take a LONG time to decide.)

Yes, there’s more you can do, such as Advertising and Referral Programs and Sales Tools and DVDs and Home Shows and Social Media and Pay per Click and SEO and more.  But we suggest you look at those AFTER you’ve got the above three “core requirements” in place.

Want more? Try this:

We also offer, on a select and limited basis, Comprehensive Marketing Services where we take care of ALL ASPECTS of your marketing system, so you can focus on doing what you do best – Designing & Building pools.

We believe in “No Pressure, No-Risk” consultations,
so you’ve really got nothing to lose.
Just call 877-634-8787 (18-PROFITS-UP!)
To see how Pool Builder Marketing can help YOU.

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