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An “Automatic Follow-up System” is one of the top three most critically important components of any marketing system for Pool Builders. That’s because – as you’ve probably experienced – most homeowners will spend MONTHS if not YEARS thinking about and dreaming about a pool, LONG before they actually sit down with a builder and sign a contract.

That means that for every person out there who is ready to buy a pool today, there are thousands if not MILLIONS of others who are “still just thinking about it.

They visit your website, but don’t set an appointment.

If you want to pick up a larger share of your pool buying market, then pay attention to that HUGE other 99% that’s “not ready to buy today.” With marketing automation, you’ll get name and company info in front of them NOW, and TOMORROW, and NEXT WEEK, and NEXT YEAR. That way, when they’re finally ready to buy, they’ll automatically think of YOU first.

Persuade them with automated messages…

Until they BUY, or until they DIE.

That’s EXACTLY what our Automatic Follow-up System does: It captures the attention and contact information of that huge number of people who are interested but not ready to buy today. Then it sends an ongoing stream of helpful “touches” to gently persuade them in YOUR favor. (Click for more info on why every pool builder needs an automatic a follow-up system.)

Automatic Follow-up System SET UP: $997

Setting up your automated follow-up system includes all of the following:

  • It gives you rights to use our highly enticing 28-page digital report “10 Steps to the Perfect Pool.”
    • Includes customization of the report with your logo and contact information in the footer.
    • Includes installation of the entire digital report on your website.
  • We will also create multiple marketing tools and reports for you, all branded with your logo and contact info. This includes:
    • A 4-page “15 Questions to Ask Any Pool Builder” report
    • A 1-page “10 Reasons Homeowners Love < your company>” Handout
    • A customized “Pool Builder Comparison Checklist
    • A branded reprint of the “Creating the Zero-Maintenance Swimming Pool” article.
  • We will create a minimum of 10 customized follow-up emails.
  • We will create a minimum of 5 customized follow-up postcards.
  • We will create and install on your website multiple automated “Contact Us” web forms that will:
    • Capture the prospect’s contact information in our world-renowned Infusionsoft CRM system.
    • “Tag” the prospect according to what product(s) and/or services they’re interested in.
    • Instantly send an appropriate “auto reply” message to the prospect, letting them know that you’ll get back with them right away.
    • Instantly send YOU an e-mail, giving you all their contact info, and telling you exactly what they’re looking for.
    • Automatically launch the e-mail and/or postcard “automatic follow-up” sequences.
  • Import your existing contacts into our Infusionsoft database.
  • Initiate the follow-up campaigns for all existing prospects. (This will instantly and automatically reach out and touch all of your “old/cold” leads, to start persuading them in your favor. This step alone will often nudge people who are “on the fence” and/or may have forgotten about you, and will often result in more new pool sales.)

It typically takes us three to four weeks to implement this automated follow-up system for a new client. NOTE: To avoid “over saturating” a market, we offer this program to only a limited number of pool builders in any particular geographic area. Please contact MYM Austin at 18–PROFITS UP (877-634-8787) to find out if this service is still available in your market.

Automatic Follow-up System ONGOING: $149/mo. (+$1 per postcard)

Monthly management of the auto follow-up system involves all of the following:

  • 24/7 data capture and notification of all leads that come through the website.
  • Automatic processing of all e-mails and postcards in the follow-up campaigns.
  • Monthly “New Leads” report spreadsheet, showing you ALL of your prospects in the system, with the newest ones at the top.
  • Quarterly “Lead Sources” report, showing you where all your leads are coming from..
  • Additional “broadcast” e-mails, on request.
  • Additional “ad hoc” reports on request.
  • OPTION for Sales Management CRM

All automated e-mails are included at no extra charge in the $149/month. We charge an additional $1.00 for each postcard we print and mail on your behalf.

“10 Steps to the Perfect Pool” Report   $497

If you’re only interested “10 Steps to the Perfect Pool” report, we can make that available to you for a one-time fee of $497.  This includes the following services:

  • Customize the report with your logo and contact information in the footer.
  • Digital PDF of the artwork  in a size that is manageable with any e-mail system.
  • Installed on your website for their choice of ONLINE VIEWING or INSTANT DOWNLOAD.

If you want us to modify the generic content of this report specifically for you, we can do that for a fee.  Please call for pricing.

Are You Ready to Automate Your Follow-Up, and win back your lost leads?

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