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“7 Crucial Marketing Secrets
Every Pool Builder Should Know”

Pool builders, like most business owners, are BOMBARDED with “advice” and “advertising opportunities” from well-meaning but self-serving ad reps and marketing people who think THEIR product or medium or service or strategy is exactly what YOU need (whether you really need it or not). 

Unfortunately, most of these people are so infatuated with their own “stuff” (and promoting their OWN business) that they rarely have YOUR best interests in mind.  They invariably (1) lack any intimate experience with the swimming pool industry, and/or (2) don’t have sufficient strategic marketing chops to know what’s really right for YOU.

As a result, thousands of pool builders are wasting time and money every day on strategies and tactics that just aren’t right for them.   That’s why I wrote this e-book.  If you just focus on these 7 crucial marketing secrets, you’ll have all the success you could ever hope for. You’ll ALSO be much more capable of recognizing when an ad rep or consultant might actually be able to help you, or is just blowing a sunshine-sales-pitch up your skirt.

At $9.95, It’s a STEAL!

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  1. Thank you 🙂

  2. As a pool consumer (not a builder), even I received a ton of value from this e-book. I encourage pool consumers as well as pool builders to buy THIS book!

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