“Sales Tools” & “Marketing Tools”
That Help Your Designers Sell More Pools

Some pool designers & sales reps are so good that all they need to sell a pool is a blank piece of paper, a pencil and a prospect. I applaud these people, and I applaud YOU if you have someone like this on your team.

For the other 99% of the sales reps, and for anyone who wants to crank up their closing ratios, we’ve created a variety of “selling tools” that are designed to help you readily communicate how and why you’re different from the pool builder down the street:

  • Sales Training (online webinar)
  • Custom Video
  • Custom Brochures & Reports
  • Leather Bound Photo Book
  • “10 Reasons You Should Buy Your Pool from Us”
  • 60-Second Elevator Pitch
  • On-Hold Messages
  • Photo Cleanup Service

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Sales Training:

“Swimming Pool Selling Secrets – From a Marketing Guy”

For beginning salespeople AND seasoned professionals, this unique one-hour sales training class will give you some new ideas, insights and tricks that will help you SELL MORE, and MAKE MORE MONEY on every sale. Gleaned from working with hundreds of sales reps all over the country for more than 20 years, Brett shares these “secrets” that will help you avoid classic selling mistakes.clients.

  • Discover what the top salespeople always do before, during, & after every sales call.
  • Discover how to deal with prospects who “disappear” and won’t return your calls.
  • Discover a “smooth as silk” way to deal with the age-old issue of “price.”

On-line Sales Training: $495


Brochures & Reports

Brochure design                                                  Starts at $1495 for 2 pages; $249 per additional page.

Can be any size you want, as long as you keep in mind that number of pages has to be a multiple of four. (E.g., 4, 8, 12, 16, etc.)  Sixteen to twenty-four pages is typical for most of our clients. It’s gives us enough room to brag about you, your products, your capabilities, and still sneak in plenty of compelling comments from your happy clients.

Report design                                                     Starts at $1495 for 2 pages; $249 per additional page.

Typically one to four pages long, these act as an excellent “low-risk offer.” Perfect if you’re not quite ready to invest three months and $19,500 to produce a super-impressive but highly compelling full-blown custom “Pool Ideas” DVD.  Here are some typical reports we can produce for you:

  • “Backyard Ideas” courtesy of (your name here)
  • “Pool Renovation & Remodeling”
  • “How to Choose The Right Pool Builder”
  • “15 Questions to Ask Any Pool Builder”
  • “New Breakthroughs for a ‘Maintenance-Free’ Swimming Pool”
  • “How to Choose a Hot Tub”

Leather-bound Photo Portfolio / “Brag Book”

This is a beautiful, professionally laid out book of up to 100 pages. We recommend a 12″x12″ format, but smaller sizes are available.  We can lay it out any way you like, but we’ve found that this general layout seems to work quite well for everyone:


  • Residential Pools
  • Custom Features
  • Finishing Touches (tiles, decks, etc.)
  • “Our construction process” (typically an 8-photo pictorial)
  • “About Us”
  • Photo Testimonials

Every sales rep should have one of these with them on every sales call, and you should have at least one in your store or office, especially if you have a “waiting area.” Some of our clients have figured out that it’s also smart to give these to selected home-builders and architects that you regularly work with (or would like to work with).

Set Up & layout                                                             $1,995

Printing of books                              Typically $75 to $200 each*

* Cost of printing depends on book size, type of cover, and the number of pages. You can order / reorder as many as you like. Discounts are usually available from the printer for orders of ten or more books.

More Sales Tools…

Elevator Pitch creation (2 versions)                                $995

Whenever you meet someone, you never know whether that person may be interested in a pool, and/or if they know someone who’s thinking about buying a pool. You should always take this opportunity to clearly and succinctly explain what you do and why it’s better & different than your typical competitor . The more interesting and natural you make it, the more effective it will be.

But here’s the other side of the elevator pitch regimen that will affect your company for years to come. When you require your employees to actually say the words out loud -first to you and their co-workers, and then ultimately to customers, prospects and total strangers, on a daily basis – They actually begin to believe it. And more importantly, it starts to affect their thinking and decision making. When faced with the usual day-to-day challenges and problems, they will increasingly decide in favor of your “inside reality” vision and mantra.

On-Hold message script                                                    $599

To save yourself some money, you might consider using your custom “Elevator Pitch” as your on-hold message. After all, both of these sales tools should be telling the same interesting and compelling story about you and your company.

On-Hold message voice-over recording                          $299

Photo management / touch-up / clean-up                      $10 per photo

In our business, we’ve seen a lot of great photos, and we’ve seen a lot of crappy ones. Sometimes we can “clean up” a mediocre photo by adjusting the colors , the sharpness, the cropping and/or other  attributes. We can’t guarantee that we can improve every photo, but we can guarantee that we won’t charge you for any photos that aren’t improved enough to be usable.

If closing ratios are an issue for you, take a closer look at your sales tools.

Videos, brochures and photo books can all help you sell more pools. Call for more information. 877-634-8787.

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