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Southernwind Pools WebsiteUpdating your website is probably the single most powerful thing you can do to get more leads and improve your closing ratios. And it’s one of our specialties. After doing this for more than 15 years, we’ve figured out what makes a pool builder’s website powerful and compelling, and what doesn’t. That’s why every one of our websites must pass a 67-point quality checklist before we release it on the internet. From the layout to the menu to the content to the photos, to the “calls-to-action” on every page, we take this website business VERY SERIOUSLY.

Whether your website needs just a little help or a lot (or you have no website at all), we’ve got the right option at the right price.

Website Improvement Options

OPTION #1: Website “TUNE-UP” & “Mobile Conversion” $2,495

With our “Website Tuneup” service, we’ll fix and fine-tune as much of your existing site as possible, without actually building a brand-new website. When we’re finished, your website will have and/or be all of the following:

  • Mobile-Ready, using state-of-the-art “responsive” website design.
  • An appropriately adjusted Menu structure, making your website easier to navigate.
  • Beneficial INBOUND links throughout the text, wherever appropriate.
  • No non-beneficial OUTBOUND links on the homepage.
  • Appropriately adjusted images and text wherever possible, putting more “life” into the site.
  • A new and improved “contact us” webform and webpage, which includes a Google map to your facility.
  • A well behaved “Style Sheet” that fixes “website no-no’s” such as poor font choices, troublesome font colors, etc.

And most importantly, you will have a cutting-edge “responsive image” photo gallery, which displays your photos in the proven preferred HTML format, which includes:

  • Super-large “full screen” photos using Highslide software and responsive web design.
  • Built-in slideshow capability.
  • Company name and photo number on every photo.
  • Your company logo watermarked on every expanded photo.
  • Ample room for any text descriptions you would like to add to these photos.
  • Facebook “like” button and other Social Media buttons on every photo. (Helps increase your visibility in the social media arena, without foolishly sending people away from your website.)

We will also add any additional content that you make available to us, such as:

  • More “about us” information.
  • More photos
  • More testimonials
  • More detailed explanation of your services

Payment structure is simple: 50% down payment ($1247.50), and the final 50% ($1247.50) on successful completion of your updated website. (It typically takes us about 30 days to complete a project like this.)



OPTION #2: NEW Custom Website $4,995

If your website lacks style, or looks out of date, then this is the option for you. We’ll give you a brand-new cutting-edge design that addresses ALL of the issues described above, PLUS puts emphasis on the MOST IMPORTANT THING to your web visitors: your pool photos. (You can see some examples here, here, here, and here.)

Note that we will use your EXISTING TEXT CONTENT, plus any new content you give us. If you ALSO want us to write custom copy that eloquently explains how great you are, you’ll need our Option #3 instead: “Total Website & Identity Package.”

Payment structure is 50% down payment ($2497.50), and the final 50% ($2497.50) on successful completion and launch of your new site. (It typically takes us around 45 days to complete a project like this.)



OPTION #3: Website / Automation / CRM / Identity Package $7,495

If you really want to knock your competitors back on their heels, then this is the package for you. When we’re finished with this program, you’ll have EVERYTHING described above, PLUS:

Payment structure is same as above. 50% down payment ($3747.50), and the final 50% ($3747.50) on successful completion of your updated site and automated follow-up system. (It typically takes is around 45 days to complete a project like this.)



Website SPEED FIX $1,249

Slow website speeds will FRUSTRATE your website visitors, and cause Google to LOWER your search engine rankings. Competitors with faster sites will get better rankings, and get more phone calls from happier prospects. And we don’t want that!

We use GTmetrix to accurately measure a website’s speed. A speed score down in the D/E/F range is a sure sign of website problems that need to be fixed ASAP. Fortunately, we’re EXPERTS at building high-performing websites for Pool Builders, and we can fix your website speed issues in a jiffy.

We’ll FIX your speed problems in less than 5 days, GUARANTEED.

We GUARANTEE an improvement of at least THREE Letter Grades, or you don’t pay us a cent. For example, we guarantee AS A MINIMUM:

  • If your score is D, we’ll get you to A.
  • If your score is E, we’ll get you to B.
  • If your score is F, we’ll get you to C.



Call us TODAY to fix your website speed problems for only $1,249. And we’ll get it done in 5 days, or your money back.

877-634-8787 (18-PROFITS-UP!)

Website Hosting and Management Options

WEBSITE MANAGEMENT includes the addition or deletion of new photos, new testimonials, and/or other edits as needed (changing hours, etc.). Under most circumstances, we charge a flat fee of $49 per month.

WEBSITE HOSTING includes email account creation & hosting to match your website domain, plus the installation of a SSL (Secure Socket Level) Certificate, which (1) gives you better security, and (2) gives you better rankings with Google.

Your emails will be accessible anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Works with Outlook and all other standard email programs. Normal hosting is $199 per year (or $18.99/month).

“HIGH-CAPACITY” hosting is offered for those rare circumstances where you need higher than normal hosting bandwidth and memory capacity. (This is usually because either (1) you and/or your customers are uploading and downloading a lot of files from your website on a regular basis, and/or (2) you and your employees are saving a very large number of e-mail messages on the server.) Our “High Capacity” Web hosting will give you 50 times more bandwidth and 100 times more capacity for only one additional dollar a day. High-capacity hosting is $399/year (or $35/month).

HOSTING CAPACITY OPTIONS HOSTING MANAGE BOTH Normal Usage $18.99 $49 $67 High-Capacity $35 $49 $79

Search Engine Optimization

A beautiful website isn’t worth much if no one goes to it, so you may want to have a look at our search engine optimization services here.

Comments on our Website Work…

“I want to thank you for taking the time to sell to the management of SSG. We’re a big company and large scale change can be incredibly time consuming.

The work you and your team put into our website has been incredibly beneficial to me in multiple ways. First, leads procured through my referrals can comfortably be sent directly to the site to view pictures and information prior to my coming out to their home.

“Second and more importantly, for those that find us online for the first time, we look like the best in New England (which we have been for years) but our image certainly didn’t look that way online.

“THANK YOU! I’m not saying you’re totally responsible, but what you’ve done has definitely helped me double my sales over last year and it’s only July!”

Scott Pancake; South Shore Gunite

As you know, I was very happy with my old FLASH website. Then I met you Brett, a gift of God, to make me see how much better I could be. You designed a great new website, and eliminated the original “flash” website, just as youthis and Richard Rex suggested to me. I want to thank you both because every time I see and read the new website that you created, I realize you are the greatest. You know what are you doing REALLY WELL. Thank you very much for all your help. You have here more than a friend. Salud!!!”

Joan Roca; AQUART

Professional Watershape Designer by SWD; Platinum Member Genesis3 Design Group

Industrial Engineer by UACA, Costa Rica


“You have exceeded my expectations! I really love the website. Many thanks to you and your staff. I will gladly put the final check in the mail today.”

Lynn Cullaty; Spa World dba Cal Spas & Pools

Barry Twitchell, Owner of Playmore Pools

What a great job! More than I dreamed… You all have obviously worked very hard on this and it shows. I’m very, very happy…Thank you!”

Barry Twitchell; PlayMore Pools Co.

“Brett – with the little extra that I have done local and your good-looking site for us, I have been busy with calls, and work!! Thanks!!”

Noel A. Valade, General Manager

David Katz, Elite Landscaping

“Great job with the web site, great, absolutely a true pleasure working with you. Just continue to cater to our insanity and we’ll do our best to keep smiling :O) !”

David Katz; Elite Landscaping

Shellee Katz, Elite Landscaping

“The website …. IS AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG. I love the black!! I love the mechanism to view all the pictures!! I love the links!! I love how the pictures are displayed. Totally, totally agree on ‘…the coolest, best-looking website I have ever seen in my life.'”

Shellee Katz; Elite Landscaping

Pools by John clarkson

“Of the last three appointments that I have gone to, they all for various reasons had been to our new website (referrals, Yellow Pages, etc.) and they have all commented on how great the website is. This has not happened in the past. Thank you, John and Jordan for the inspiration to move in this direction and thank you, Brett and company for making such an industry-leading website. I and all the sales staff appreciate the tools you are providing for our success.”

Kevin Chung; Pools By John Clarkson


“MYM did an outstanding job on our website and we are very happy.  They are easy to work with, and did everything we wanted in a timely manner.  Our customers love our new website and so do we!!”

Dave Calhoun
Sharper Image Pools

Review taken from Google reviews.

The website looks great– better than I could have imagined. Thanks for all the hard work. I am so glad that I chose MYM to give my site a makeover. We never realize how outdated we look until we get our site updated. I will gladly refer all of my friends in the pool business to MYM.

Jim Schmidt; Aquatech Pools; Meridian, ID

Compliment from a homeowner to Ocean Quest regarding their updated Ocean Quest Pools website:
“I must compliment you on your website. It is one of the most thorough and impressive sites I’ve seen. It’s a great reflection on your business.”

Neil Aussenberg, Austin TX

Compliment from a homeowner to Pools By Murphy, regarding the website
“Sue and Frank, I just entered my request for an opening date using the website a little while ago. But, I had to email you to tell you that I LOVE the website! I just went in and looked at all of the testimonial videos and the custom pool photo gallery. The pictures were amazing, and our pool and backyard would fit right in!”

Joan Conlan, Connecticutt

Regarding the newly launched “Nordic Hot Tubs” pages on the “Ocean Quest Pools by Lew Akins” website
“It looks great! Thank you for your help with this!”

Kristy Mart; Ocean Quest Pools by Lew Akins


“Brett – you sure deserve a compliment on the nice job you did with Southernwind Pools web site. We occasionally get inquiries for web designers, and have few to recommend. We would like to put your name in the hat!

Anne Davidson; Vital Signs, McKinney TX

Website Creation or Re-design, with SEO $7,495

This includes an entirely new custom web design & layout from scratch, plus programming and basic copy-writing for Home Page, Contact Us, About Us, Testimonials, Services and up to four photo galleries with slide-show capability. This also includes the initial SEO (Search Engine Optimization) set-up, and 3 months of SEO management.

Website Creation or Re-design, with SEO $7,495

This includes an entirely new custom web design & layout from scratch, plus programming and basic copy-writing for Home Page, Contact Us, About Us, Testimonials, Services and up to four photo galleries with slide-show capability. This also includes the initial SEO (Search Engine Optimization) set-up, and 3 months of SEO management.

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