“10 Steps to the Perfect Pool”
(a.k.a. “An irresistible offer to seduce your prospects…”)

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc.

free guide to the perfect pool.jpg

As promised, our new “10 Steps to the Perfect Pool” report is now viewable online. And I think this is a HUGE FREAKING DEAL for the following reasons:

  • This report is EXACTLY what homeowners have been looking for.
  • Putting this report on your website will DRAMATICALLY improve the odds of a website visitor giving you their contact info.
  • It can be delivered ELECTRONICALLY (even though it’s a huge honking 28 page full-color report).
  • It can be VIEWED ONLINE, which instantly makes your website look a whole lot sexier.
  • It’s THE PERFECT TEASER to initiate an automatic follow-on sequence of additional educational e-mail reports and messages.
  • The whole thing can all be set up to EXECUTE AUTOMATICALLY (which is what I’ve been encouraging you to do for years anyway).

Now before I get too carried away, let me clarify that this report is NOT free nor available for just any pool builder to put on their website. This was written specifically and exclusively for MYM Austin’s “Automatic Follow-Up System” clients, for the exact reasons described above. But if you want to have a peek, you can see the entire report online here.

When we install this report on YOUR website, we’ll put this eye-catching web form on your homepage, to encourage and entice homeowners to sign up for it:

After the prospect gives you their contact info, they will then have the option to either “download the report,” or “view it online,” just like it is on my website. (Except, of course, that it will be branded with YOUR logo and contact information, not mine!)

If you’re interested in using this new report, and/or getting on board with our Automatic Follow-Up System, just give us a call at 512-266-7777.

To your success,


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