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Full Service Marketing for Pool Builders

When you hire us as your marketing and advertising agency, we take full responsibility for all aspects of your marketing system. You now have a full-time team of marketing professionals on your staff. And while you’ll have the final say-so on all decisions, we’ll take care of all the following for you:

  • Advertising plans, placement & tracking
  • Marketing materials design & production
  • Hopper system (automatic follow-up system) set-up & management
  • Website creation, hosting, maintenance
  • Manage all other lead generation efforts
  • Run interference on all those pesky ad reps that are always trying to sell you “the latest, greatest way to get more leads….”
  • Report our progress weekly to you, to let you know how your marketing operations are running

This comprehensive program is perfect for any pool builder who is fed up with “competing on price” or “worrying about leads and sales” or “ready to implement better marketing, but just not sure exactly what that should be.

Due to the up-front intensity of launching our full-service program, the monthly fees start out higher and then go down, as shown here:

Initial Program Launch (months 1 through 6)         $3,995/mo

Program Refinement & Expansion (mo. 7 – 12)       $2,995/mo

Ongoing Marketing Management (Year 2)             $1,995/mo

The fees shown above DO include all strategic development services as described. They do NOT cover client-specific “tactical fulfillment” services such as:

  • Advertising expenses
  • Printing, postage, delivery or list procurement expenses
  • Filming, photography or other production expenses
  • Professional graphic design services
  • Pay-Per-Click or SEO Programs

When we launch our comprehensive marketing program, we kick off a flurry of activities to put your new strategic and tactical marketing system in place. Some of these steps must occur sequentially; others will happen in parallel. Here are some of the key steps we’ll go through and options we’ll consider as we’re putting the system in place for you:

  • Determine / define your “inside reality” – What is your story? What’s so special about you?
  • Collect evidence from you to support your story – Photos, awards, testimonials, memberships, etc.
  • Assess your “outside perception” – How does the public currently see you?
  • Review your current ad materials – Past ads, yard signs, truck signage, business cards, etc.
  • Review your current marketing materials – Keep what’s good, fix what’s bad, see what’s missing.
  • Review your current ad obligations – Newspapers, Yellow Pages, radio, TV, Internet, etc.
  • Review your current lead management system – How good is your follow-up?
  • Obtain a “vanity phone number” – Make it easy for people to remember your number in signs and ads.
  • Initiate the “radius marketing” program – Selling in neighborhoods where you’re already building.
  • Revise / update your website – No matter how good your website is, we can make it better.
  • Create or update your DVD – If you don’t have one, we will arrange to create one.
  • Create / update your company brochure – To showcase your capabilities and accomplishments.
  • Create your custom “Pool Contractor’s Standards Guide” – Here is why people should choose you.
  • Set up your “hopper system” – Let’s automate the follow-up process with all your leads.
  • Set up your automatic referral systems – These are the most valuable leads we could ever get.
  • Set up tracking systems – We need to measure our effectiveness and return on investment (ROI).
  • Assess your sales process – The marketing is meaningless if we don’t have a good sales process.
  • Train your people – Everyone needs to “get on board” with the program.
  • Establish joint ventures, if appropriate – Partnerships with homebuilders, landscape architects, etc.
  • Establish a tactical marketing plan and budget – Planning and tracking the tactical expenses.
  • Ongoing management – Weekly web-based teleconferences to ensure swift implementation.
Vanity phone number Radius marketing postcards Revised website screenshot Joint ventures Marketing tools; Hopper System Referral checks Lead generators

There are many other things we do for our clients, including public relations, tradeshow planning, logo development, etc. But the above represents the key milestones we use to track our progress with each individual client.

To see if our

“Full Service Marketing System for Pool Builders” is a good fit for you,

Call our office to schedule a FREE EVALUATION of your current marketing systems.


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