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FINALLY – An EASY way to “Be Friends” and “Play Nice” with Google…

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc.

Google+The running joke (in the Internet marketing world) is that the “g” in the Google+ logo stands for “ghost town.” But you shouldn’t say that out loud, because – despite the painful accuracy of the comment – Google is still the most powerful search engine juggernaut in the history of planet Earth.  So it behooves us to learn how to “play nice” with our friend Mother Google.

Google My BusinessAdmittedly, the Google “beast” has been challenging to understand – especially with regards to Google+. Fortunately, Google recently released “Google My Business,” which effectively obliterates any obstacles you might have to using and understanding Google+ and all the other wonderful tools that Google provides (for free) to small business owners.  (I’m referring to such powerful gems as Google maps, Google analytics, Google reviews, Google AdWords, and most importantly, GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS.)

Normally, I would now explain in some detail why this is a very smart and powerful thing for you to do.  But I’m thinking the fact that THIS WILL HELP YOUR SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS should be all the explanation you need. Additionally, Pool and Spa News recently published a well-written article that provides all the additional detail you might desire. So if you want more details, go there.

Meanwhile, for the sake of today’s newsletter, let’s keep this simple.  Here’s all you have to do:

1.     Go to “Google My Business“.

2.     Click the “Get on Google” button.  (Or “sign in” if you already have a Google account.)

3.     Follow the instructions.

Once you’re set up, there are some specific strategies I recommend you follow, such as these strategies for Google+, and these strategies for Social Media in general. But perhaps the greatest beauty in all of this is the fact that THIS DOESN’T REQUIRE MUCH WORK. Zero $$, minimal time investment, and high return on investment.  Yes, I’m thinking this is a pretty good recommendation for you to pursue.

Meanwhile, here’s one more parting tip that I think you’ll appreciate. (And it’s 100 times easier than it may sound, so don’t be intimidated.)  Go to the “options” setting up your website browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and adjust the “home page” settings so that your new “Google My Business” dashboard page opens up every time you open your browser.

Yes, you can thank me later.
To Your Success,
Brett Lloyd Abbott
MYM Austin Inc./”Marketing for Pool Builders”
877-634-8787 (18-PROFITS-UP!)

©2015 Brett Lloyd Abbott / MYM Austin, Inc. May not be used without permission.

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