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Jack be Nimble…

As we look toward 2023, I see a challenging year ahead for most pool companies. After all, we know that (1) inflation is up, (2) the economy is down, and (3) new pool leads are going to shrink dramatically from where they were over the last few years.

That’s why I’ve emphasized recently the importance of being crystal clear in your messaging. Throw away the platitudes, and don’t get so fixated on your product or service features that you forget to mention the benefits.

Once your message clear, it’s time to focus on the NEXT important skill for the year ahead. You need to be NIMBLE.

With new leads falling off in 2023, you’ll need to be ready to pivot to renovations, or repairs, or maintenance, or upgrades, or solar heating, or outdoor kitchens, or sport courts, or anything else to keep your team busy while we wait for the economy to recover.

If you’re going to change your offerings, then you’ll need to be nimble about adjusting your advertising messages, the content on your website, and your social media posts.

If you’re promoting something new and different, it should be front-and-center obvious to all your prospects.

You also need to be nimbly responsive to any and all leads and inquiries. Two years ago, homeowners often had to wait a week or more to hear back from you. Now, I wouldn’t want to make them wait more than 5 minutes, if possible.

One of the best ways to be nimble with your prospects and clients is to automate your marketing and other communications. From the moment a prospect first makes contact with you until 20 years after you’ve provided your services, 98% of your communications with these people should be automated.

E-mails, text, phone calls, voice messages, and even letters in the mail can and should be automated.

Automation, flexibility, and a watchful eye on your market. THAT’S how you stay nimble.

(And that’s why I say “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick.” Or you could soon be “up a crick!”)

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