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PLATITUDES” – The #1 winner in creating really bad marketing.

When I started my journey as an independent marketing consultant over 21 years ago, my first eye-opening discovery was the rampant use of platitudes in modern marketing.

As a refresher:

A platitude is best defined as a sanctimoniously delivered statement that is trite and lacking in substance. The statement may be true, but it has lost all power due to excessive use.

Platitudes are the cornerstone of bad marketing.

And they are everywhere. You will most likely find them on your website, and on your business cards, and on your Facebook page, and in your brochures, and even in the conversations you have with clients.

The horrid evil of platitudes is that they make you sound like everyone else.

And when you sound like everyone else, then you must be a commodity.

And if you are a commodity, then everyone will simply look for whomever has the lowest price.

You do NOT want to be a commodity.

It’s easy to spot your platitudes.

Just ask yourself “Who else could say that?”

If the answer is “pretty much anyone and everyone,” then you’ve found a platitude.

The antidote to platitudes is facts.

If you explain who you are, and what you are, using interesting facts and data, instead of empty platitudesyour prospects will see and appreciate your unique differences, and recognize your potential superiority over the competition.

Certifications are an excellent antidote to platitudes. For example, in our industry, if you are a Certified Building Professional (or Genesis or Watershapes University certified), then you have successfully separated yourself from 98% of your competition.

Awards are another example of evidence, as are any other facts or accomplishments that help explain how you are different.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily matter what the facts are.

What matters is that you have identified provable and believable facts that differentiate you from your competition.

Then you accentuate those positives by explaining them in a way that is compelling and easy to understand.

BOTTOM LINE: If you find yourself frequently fighting on price, there’s a pretty good chance you are selling with platitudes. Upgrade yourself with believable and compelling facts, and you will close more deals.

If you need help “Telling your story” and curing yourself of platitudes, then you should call us.

That’s what we do.


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