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Here are those FREE online directories
I promised could boost your online presence…

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc.

In my last couple of e-mails onThe 7 Crucial Marketing Secrets Every Pool Builder Should Know,” I kept promising I would send you a list ofOTHER free online directories you should take advantage of.” But I was having so much fun talking about “websites” and “social media,” that I kept forgetting to include that list. So here, finally, is that list I promised you.

But FIRST, let me point out WHY I think this interesting little exercise will be worth your time.  Here are 3 darn good reasons:

  • These online directories are providing beneficial “inbound links” to your website. That’s what we (and Google) call ONLINE CREDIBILITY. Put simply, you get “points” every time a credible website offers a hyperlink that points over to your website. MORE hyperlinks? MORE points. And that translates into “BETTER SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS.”  (NOTE: 3 years ago, ANY link was considered a good link.  But Google has changed that position dramatically. Now, if it’s a “garbage” link from a non-credible or totally unrelated website, then Google will actually PENALIZE you for that link.  THAT’S why I’m recommending the websites listed below.  They are all considered  “safe” and “credible.”)
  • This will “INCREASE YOUR PRESENCE” on the Internet. And I mean that quite literally: “Your company name and information will be in more places on the Internet.”  Not just on your website or your social media pages, but on the 50 or so OTHER directories out there, which many people use specifically to find companies like yours. So rather than just being in one or 2 places, you can be in 50+ different places all at once.
  • Your COMPETITORS are already there. This alone might be the smartest reason to do this. If your competition is showing up in all 50+ places, and you’re not, then there’s an excellent chance they’re going to get more phone calls than you.  And I’m pretty sure you don’t want that, right?

And of course, I DID say these are FREE, right?

So presuming you are now sold on the validity of this concept, here’s what you need to do next:

  1. CLICK one of the links below (or copy and paste into your browser, if you prefer) to go to the free directory.
  2. FIND your listing and CLAIM it. (The method varies, but usually you will find a small link that says “Are You the Business Owner?” and/or “Claim Your Listing.” Click that link.)
  3. Now CONFIRM your listing. This may be something as simple as clicking a link in an “auto reply” e-mail.  In other cases, such as Google+, you may have to wait for a phone call or a postcard in the mail with a special “secret verification code.” (Yes, Google takes this stuff very seriously.)

Once you’ve confirmed your listing, you will now have the opportunity to upload all kinds of useful information about you and your company, such as:

  • Your company name (check for accuracy)
  • Your phone number (again, check for accuracy)
  • A brief description of your company
  • Your website URL
  • Your hours of operation
  • Your logo
  • Some “choice photos” of your work
  • And some compelling videos, if you have them

Okay, now that your instructions are clear, let’s get to the list.  And let me make this extra simple for you. These first 18 websites are of fairly high importance.  The rest of these are of somewhat secondary importance.  So if you’re pressed for time, I would encourage you to start with the “priority” list first.


Angie’s List (
Bing (
Facebook (
Flickr (
Foursquare (
Google Plus (
Houzz ( (
MapQuest (
MerchantCircle (
Pinterest (
Superpages (
WhitePages (
Yahoo (
YellowBot (
Yelp (
YouTube ( (


8coupons (
Avantar (
BestOfTheWeb ( (
Citysearch (
CitySquares (
eLocal (
EZlocal (
Factual (
hotFrog (
GetFave (
LocalDatabase (
LocalPages (
MojoPages (
Patch (
Pocketly (
ShowMeLocal (
Tumblr (
Tupalo ( (
Yahoo! (
Yasabe (
Yellowise (
YellowMoxie (

Yes, I know it’s going to take you some time to locate and claim all of these free listings.  But oftentimes, “marketing success” is not the result of “one silver bullet,” but instead “a lot of little things” that – once put together – make a big difference.  That’s why you might want to go back to the top of this page, and re-read my “3 darn good reasons why you should do this.

To your success…

PS – If you like this concept/idea, but don’t feel like doing it yourself, MYM Austin can handle it for you.  For a whopping one-time fee of $599, my team will do the very best they can to claim as many of the above listings for you as possible.  (Typically that’s more than 50  listings.) Exactly as described above. Just call us at 877-634-8787, or e-mail us at if you’re interested.

©2014 Brett Lloyd Abbott / MYM Austin, Inc. May not be used without permission.

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