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By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc.


Today is September 22, 2009.  In North America, it’s the first day of fall.  And unfortunately, in our industry, “fall” often refers to what happens to revenue and profitability from now till the end of the year. For your sake, I hope you’ve leveraged the heck out of every single business opportunity that’s come your way since January.

Now, here’s one more opportunity to consider.

It’s been 11 weeks since fellow-industry-consultant Rex Richard and I first sat down to discuss the formation of an educational program for the swimming pool industry.  Little did we realize how “ripe” this industry is for some intelligent, hard-hitting, real-world business advice in the area of sales, marketing and business management.

Nothing quite like a recession to get people to pay more attention to their sales, marketing and business processes, eh?

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We call our new program “The Pool Genius Academy.” And here’s why I think it’s doing so well:

  • It’s fast. (Just 30 minutes, once a week.)
  • It’s easy. (Call-in from anywhere; You don’t have to be at a computer.)
  • It’s real-world advice, based on 50+ years of working in this industry. (No pie-in-the-sky theories here.)
  • It‘s well-balanced. (Three industry experts sharing their advice and experience in sales, marketing and business management.)
  • It’s timely. (If times were good right now, you probably wouldn’t be reading this e-mail.)
  • It’s easily customizable. (You tell us what’s your biggest challenge, and that’s what we’ll cover.)
  • It’s ridiculously affordable. (Way less than $200 per month.)

We haven’t even started advertising yet, and we’ve already signed up more than 250 business owners and executives. The feedback has been highly encouraging:

“Thank you for the phone conference today…very insightful… I learned many things that I need to fix! I’m meeting with my web designer next week to implement these corrections.” Sandy K.; Englewood,. FL

“Great discussion on getting out of a rut. Thanks for all the great information.” Mark R.; Melbourne FL

“You guys did a great job! I definitely look forward to future sessions.” Rob H., Dallas, TX

“You continue to master the short, to-the-point, agenda driven meeting that works so well.” Pat M.; Killingworth CT

“The workshop is really good. I like that the workshops are short and to the point, and everyone is blocked until the end so there are not any interruptions. Keep up the good work.” Ben T.; Anniston AL

“Enjoyed your seminar very much. I just designed our website, and put it up live, but you’ve given me some ideas already about how to change it for the better!” James R.; Long Valley, NJ

“I wanted to thank you personally for your hard work and commitment to the Pool industry. I tune in every week possible and try to learn more.” Jesse R.; Omaha, NE

Bottom line – if you haven’t checked out this program already, you owe it to yourself to check it out now, while it’s still free.

We have two more “Wednesday Workshop” sessions (this week and next), plus a huge two-hour program on Thursday, October 1. After that, it’s $48 a month for our “Silver” program, or $168 a month for our “Gold” program.

REMEMBER: You must register in advance to get the call-in codes, even for the free sessions.
You can register by clicking here.

In addition to our 30 minute sessions on Wednesdays, we’ll also begin hosting some “hands-on” sales and marketing workshops, where we’ll take a one-on-one look at your website, your yellow pages ad, your sales challenges, and/or any other part of your sales and marketing process that’s giving you trouble.

So, in commemoration of this first day of fall, I want to strongly encourage you to proactively “fall into the habit” of working on your sales, marketing and business processes now, for all the reasons mentioned above.

Best Regards,

2009 Brett Lloyd Abbott / MYM Austin Inc.  May not be used without permission.

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