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In 2018, SALES TRAINING might be your best bet.

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, Pool Builder Marketing LLC

Last week, I mentioned that “salesmanship” may be one of the biggest challenges / opportunities for pool builders this year, now that the downturn is over, and the “faucet” is back on. With more leads coming in, many builders are looking for new salespeople – including YOURS. That’s why I believe you will want to (1) get the most out of every salesperson you’ve got, and (2) QUICKLY get any NEW salespeople up to speed, to help handle the additional load.

If you think your salespeople need help,
this message is for you.

That’s why I am officially announcing our On-line and In-Person Sales Training programs, for pool designers and sales reps all over the world. Here are some of the basic sales skills we cover:

  1. How to talk to prospects on the phone.
  2. How to interact with prospects face-to-face.
  3. How to talk about money.
  4. How to avoid the price fight.
  5. How to properly use your sales tools.
  6. How to deal with prospects who “disappear.”
  7. How to sell more than you ever thought possible.
  8. How to become the designer homeowners prefer to do business with.
  9. How to maintain control of the designer/prospect relationship, from start to finish.
  10. How to “Win the prospect’s hearts and minds at Hello.”

We also get into some more advance sales training, including such subjects as:

  • Commercial sales strategies.
  • How to work with homebuilders & architects.
  • How to “Seriously Kick Butt at a Home Show.”
  • How to elegantly “Maximize Your Referrals, without Begging or Bribing.”

We have several different options for sales training, depending on where you are and what you need.

  • One-hour online training – $495 per session.
  • Half-day (3 hours training and 1 hour travel) – $795. Applies to any location in or near our headquarters in Austin Texas.
  • One full day (half-day training and half-day travel) – $1495 plus travel expenses. Applies to any location outside of greater Austin Texas.
  • Multi-day / overnight – Pricing is based on multiple full-day and/or half-day charges as appropriate, plus any travel expenses.

In all cases, the pricing is based on the session(s), not the number of students. An unlimited number of students may attend any particular session.

Does someone on your sales team need help?

E-mail us at
Or call 877-634-8787
Or schedule your on-line training now.

As always, I hope you sell as many pools as you can possible stand. 

To your success…

Brett Lloyd Abbott
Head Guru at Pool Builder Marketing

PS – Here’s what people say about our training…

  • “I just thought you’d want to know that <our newest sales rep> has been struggling with sales, but she just sold a pool on her first call after our sales training this morning!”
    • Josh Kantor, Aqua Doc Pool Clinic
  • “Brett – Thank you for such a great seminar, I really got a lot out of it. In fact, I would say more so than any other I attended. It was well worth it!”
    • Steve Hood, Crystal-Clear Pool Company
  • “You really did a GREAT job, way better than most speakers. You knocked it out of the park from my perspective, by providing great information and advice for the group.”
    • Frank Motola, Brandtastic LLC
  • “Brett’s training sessions are always outstanding, and this one was no exception.”
    • R’nelle Lazlo, Blue Haven Pools
  • “We all picked up pointers from the session. All reps are interested in the one-on-one training.”
    • Kevin Ford, Pool Builders Inc.
  • “Good stuff today, we appreciate it very much :-)”
    • Eric Larsen, Larsen’s Pool and Spa
  • “As always- your course is full of great tips and tricks. Everyone was pleased. Thanks again for coming!”
    • Jennifer Stranix, PENN-Jersey Chapter
  • “Your words not only impacted well, but I kept echoing your points during the remainder of the conference. Keep up the great work!”
    • Nigel Leach, W. W. Adcock
  • “Excellent content.” “Great interaction, and use of real life scenarios.” “Fun, and very relevant content.” “Great sales tips.” “Good information & techniques.”
    • Multiple participants from The Pool and Spa Show, Atlantic City, 2016
  • “Enjoyed the session very much.” “Great presentation and great information.” “Brett is very informative and entertaining.” “Give me more!”
    • Multiple participants from The IPSPE 2017

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