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POOL BUILDERS: Quell The Frenzy of 2020 with AUTOMATION in 2021.

I would say that Amazon’s announcement yesterday that “Employees can continue working from home until at least June 2021” reaffirms our recent prediction that the “Workcation” is here to stay for at least the foreseeable future.

Similarly, Google committed to at least July of next year, while Facebook and Twitter offered the same thing “indefinitely.” Microsoft has promised a permanent “hybrid workplace” option, where those who return to their offices can still work from home 50% of the time.

Yes, indications are good that the “Make my home more enjoyable” motivations of 2020 will continue to steamroller the pool industry for at least another year or two.

That’s why we need to talk about AUTOMATION.

If you had unlimited manpower, you could just keep throwing warm bodies at the problem, and balloon your operations to handle the added demand.

But as we all know, the additional manpower just isn’t out there.

It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

Sophisticated sales and marketing automation has been knocking on the door of businesses for at least 10 years, but most have been slow to adopt it. And that’s a shame, because amazing what all it can do for you.

For example, if I were a pool builder, here are just a few pieces of automation I would put in place:

  • Auto-reply “thank you” email to every inquiry, letting them know how soon we’ll get back to them.
  • Auto-email with video, to introduce them to their designer.
  • Includes a link to the designer’s calendar, so the prospect can schedule their appointment.
  • Automation adds the appointment to both the client and designer’s calendars, confirming the upcoming meeting.
  • Automatic reminder messages (text and/or email) go out the day before the meeting, and the day of the meeting, to eliminate “no-shows.”
  • Reminder emails also tell them how to prepare, and what to bring to the meeting.
  • Automation tracks if and when they watch a video or click a link, and/or set an appointment.
  • Watching a video triggers a follow-up email, and also notifies the designer.
  • NOT watching a video within X #of days triggers reminder messages to check out the video, and/or take other steps.
  • FURTHER lack of action will re-categorize the prospect as a “cool lead,” so the designer doesn’t waste precious time with prospects who aren’t ready to buy.
  • After the first meeting, an automatic “thank you” email and/or text message is sent.
  • If the “#2” meeting has not yet been scheduled, the prospect and designer are both reminded to get that scheduled.
  • Automation also keeps track and reminds the designer when certain tasks are due, such as making a phone call, creating a design, attending a meeting, etc.
  • Automatic “Welcome to the Family” email whenever someone becomes a client.
  • It sends a “What to Expect during Construction” document, so the homeowner has no surprises.
  • Automation automatically sends invoices for various draws whenever a particular stage is completed.
  • It sends a “How Did We Do This Week?” message every Friday, so we uncover and resolve any possible homeowner concerns before they fester into real aggravations.
  • When the project is completed, another “Thank You” email and/or text is sent, with a link to give a five-star review.
  • Another email/text takes the client to a “Send us a video testimonial” module that allows them easily and instantly record and upload a video testimonial using their mobile phone.
  • Another email reminds them how much you would like to meet more people like them (i.e., “Thank you in advance for sending us referrals.”)
  • They continue to get “Thank you again” / “We’re just checking in” emails every year, on the anniversary of the completion of their pool.
  • I would probably also automatically send various holiday greetings and/or birthday wishes every year.

I just counted. That’s 22 steps of automation, just for Sales and Marketing.

And that’s just off the top of my head. I would probably DOUBLE that once I got going.

And we haven’t even STARTED to talk about automating the Construction process, and/or the Service Department.

I trust you get the point. There are lots of tedious, menial steps and tasks that automation can handle, so humans don’t have to get involved. THAT’S how you solve the “manpower overload” problem.

A business without automation is very difficult to sell.

Have you ever thought about how much more attractive your business will be to purchase / sell when everything is automated?

A business that operates primarily on manual processes is unattractive to buyers, because it will tend to crumble when the owner/founder leaves.

So if you’re hoping for some kind of “exit strategy” down the road, systemization and automatization will play a crucial role in the valuation of your company. A relatively small investment in automation now will pay HUGE dividends down the road.

A relatively small investment in automation now will pay HUGE dividends down the road.

Yes, I’m a huge fan of automation.
ESPECIALLY in times like these.

Are you ready to Automate your business? That’s one of our specialties. Just reply to this email, or call us at 877-634-8787, And let’s get you started!

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