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When Prospects Don’t Buy…

Dealing with a Shortage of Confidence

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc.

It’s bad enough that there are fewer people in the marketplace right now to buy swimming pools.  What makes matters worse is that many of the prospects remaining are suffering from a lack of confidence. Once eager, anxious and excited to get started on their backyard dream, now many homeowners are thinking twice and holding off on their plans.

In the last six months, has your closing ratio gone down? If so, don’t blame the advertising. And don’t blame the leads. It’s just a question of confidence.

Can we blame them? The dreaded ripple effect of troubling times reaches out to many souls. But does that mean no one will buy pools any more? Of course not. People still have money, and they still have a burning desire to live the American dream of owning a swimming pool. They’re just a little more skeptical than before, that’s all.

So what do you do? First, let’s recognize that any minor issues or misgivings that might have been swept under the rug in the past are now much more likely to get scrutiny. To keep your closing ratios up, your selling process is going to have to be a little more comforting. A little more convincing. A little more compelling. And definitely a lot more confidence-building.  How do we do that? Let’s start with your marketing materials.

Do your brochures, reports, brag books and other materials tell a genuine and sincere story about you and your company? Do they provide real evidence about your awards and accolades, your accomplishments and expertise? Or are they still laden with “platitudes” and empty promises that fall on deaf ears? Or worse – is your “brochure” more or less just a good-looking co-op folder with a stack of product brochures from your kind-hearted supplier shoved inside?

Do your sales tools inspire confidence?

You probably know that I’m a big fan of DVD’s as the ultimate marketing tools for any pool builder. When properly done, they give the perfect sales pitch, over and over, on the homeowner’s big screen TV, right there in front of all the kids and everybody. The homeowner can see the beauty, the options, the shimmering water. They can hear the waterfalls, the splashing, the squeals of delight. And they can learn more about the company than they ever dreamed. At their leisure. People may not trust or believe a sales rep. But a DVD? That’s definitely a few notches higher up on the credibility ladder. And that’s what inspires confidence.

No, DVD’s are not cheap. (I’ve seen prices ranges from $10K to $45K or more.) But they can pay for themselves many times over. And that is what all marketing should do: pay for itself in new profit.

Let me wrap this up by saying that brochures, reports, brag books, and scripts are all great selling tools. But nothing can beat a well-laid-out DVD as a confidence builder. And a little confidence-boosting is just what everybody needs right about now.  Don’t you think?

Call us if you think your company might need a little confidence boost of its own.

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