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The Deadly Dozen “Company-Crushing Killers” – Epilogue and Videos

A summary of the series of 12 Company-Crushing Killers Lurking Inside Your Business Today…

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, Pool Builder Marketing LLC

We hope you’ve enjoyed this 12-part series on “The Deadly Dozen Killers Lurking Inside Your Business.”

If you’re a “bottom-line” kind of person like me, then you might appreciate this summary / epilogue, plus the handy links to each of the individual articles.

You may be pleased to see we’ve got VIDEOS to go with each of these articles.

You’ll find all of that right here:

INTRO: 12 Company Crushing Killers – Why your company is at risk in this ever-changing sales and marketing environment of the 21st centuryArticle Here Video Here.

#1: Platitudes – How to replace the “empty calories” of platitudes with helpful, meaningful, compelling and persuasive evidence and content. Article Here Video Here.

#2: Fragmented Marketing / Chaotica – How to bring all of your disjointed marketing efforts into a single cohesive theme and strategy. Article Here Video Here.

#3: Not using Hot Button Advertising – How to use headlines and key phrases to instantly grab the attention of your prospective audience, and keep that attention for as long as you want. Article Here Video Here.

#4: No Use of Strategic Video – How can you possibly expect to excel in this modern competitive environment if you don’t embrace the most wildly popular medium the planet as ever had? Article Here Video Here.

#5: No Marketing Formula / Strategy – Forget “Creativity and Repetition.” That’s for the Fortune 500 companies. You should be utilizing the much more effective and proven marketing formula of Interrupt / Engage / Educate / Offer Article Here Video Here.

#6: Manual Follow-up – There is no way you can possibly keep up with today’s sophisticated competitors if you do not automate your follow-up with all your prospects. Article Here Video Here.

#7: Sales Team Burnout – Start automating your sales processes, and your sales team will be more productive, and your prospects will be more likely to buy. Article Here Video Here.

#8: “Winging it” – Salespeople are human, which means their performance will vary hour-to-hour and day-to-day. Get your perfect sales pitch down on video, and the entire organization will be consistently more successful. Article Here Video Here.

#9: “Invisible Data” – To improve sales, you need to see what’s happening at all phases of your sales pipeline, all the time. You’ll need an intelligent data-collecting network to make this happen. Article Here Video Here.

#10: “CUSTOMER FRUSTRATION” – You need to make it easy for prospects to learn about your products, services and companies. Ideally, that means your information will be available online, mobile-friendly, interesting and compelling, and 100% crystal clear/self-explanatory. Article Here Video Here.

#11: “Connecting Too Late in the Buyer’s Journey” – The finish line is crowded with competitors, fighting over the “now buyers” who at this point are mostly just price-shopping. You need to win over the hearts and minds of your prospects much earlier in the process, so that they never even think about working with anyone else but you. Article Here Video Here.

#12: Trying To Do Everything In-House – You’re fighting a big, time-consuming battle, with a dozen or more killers constantly trying to cripple your business. To think or try to do it all without outside expertise is setting yourself up for failure – especially if your competition has already hired the experts. Article Here Video Here.


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This series of articles was designed to provide pool companies with unique insights that will help them address the modern marketplace challenges their company may be facing. These insights, when applied, will virtually guarantee new growth, and get your company to the next level.

To your success…

Brett Lloyd Abbott
Head Guru at Pool Builder Marketing LLC

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