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This new Sales CRM really was built SPECIFICALLY for POOL BUILDERS…

I must say I was SHOCKED to discover that 63% of all pool builders I surveyed said they were NOT HAPPY with their current CRM.

I was also surprised that across 45 pool builders I surveyed, there were at least 23 different sales CRM’s in use.

YIKES! Sounds like no one’s found the perfect solution just yet…

Do you know what was THE MOST POPULAR CRM amongst the builders I surveyed?


Immediately followed by


Jandy ProEdge came in third at 11%, but that was primarily for their impressive and robust Construction Management platform. Most of the users were not too crazy about the Sales CRM side of the platform.

That’s why I’m excited to announce our new Keap CRM, designed SPECIFICALLY for Pool Builders.

This super-simple yet highly-sophisticated “drag and drop” CRM will let your designers update a prospect’s status in literally one second.

That can also trigger your own custom smart marketing automation at each and every step in the process, if you like. (It can happen automatically whenever you “drag and drop” a prospect to the next stage.)

Meanwhile, your management team can instantly check the status of any opportunity, any individual rep, or the entire company, with just a click.

I think it’s a dream come true!

How about a FREE TRIAL?

Check it out for 14 days.

Just click the link above to get your hands on this super-simple CRM. Or schedule a free demo with yours truly. I’ll show you why I think this is the best Sales CRM any pool builder has ever seen.

FYI – Here’s what we’ll do if you decide to purchase the CRM:

  • Import your existing contacts into your new CRM.
  • Create custom-named sales stages to match EXACTLY what you’re doing now.
  • Set up your calendar to allow your prospects to schedule appointments on-line.
  • Set up text messaging directly from the CRM(iPhone only at this time; Android coming soon.)
  • Upload your logo and set up custom email signatures for any e-mails you send.
  • Train your sales people how to use the simple drag-and-drop CRM system.
  • OPTIONAL: Set-up marketing automation and auto-follow-up emails and postcards (if you purchase the marketing automation option).

Here’s a short video showing the many capabilities
of this cutting edge CRM.

(This is a generic version; It doesn’t show how we customize the CRM for pool builders.)

Are you ready to try something BETTER than the other CRM’s out there?

Then schedule your FREE DEMO,
and get your FREE TRIAL

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