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“How To Convince Homeowners to Choose YOU”

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc.

In my first two videos, I pointed out that it’s best if you “Don’t try to do everything,” and I then encouraged you to “Think Like a Homeowner” so that you spend your marketing $$ wisely. ”

With THIS short video, I show pool builders how to SEPARATE YOURSELF from your competition, and convince homeowners to buy from YOU.

Many identical businessmen clonesBecause until you stop speaking in PLATITUDES, and start talking instead about how you are uniquely DIFFERENT from your competition, you’ll be doomed to “look and sound like everyone else.”

To your success…

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One Response to “VIDEO: How to Convince Homeowners to Choose YOU”

  1. Hi Brett, You were right, your videos are certainly worth watching and, of course, listening too. Sensible ideas sprinkled with a dash of humor go a long way.
    Thank you.

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