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MYM Pool Builder Video Newsletter #2:
“Think Like a Homeowner”

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc.

Last week, I suggested you “Don’t try to do everything,” because often times the advice you are given is self-serving, and not in your best interest.  THIS WEEK, I help you “get inside the head” of your typical homeowner/pool buyer, so that you can clearly understand WHERE you should be focusing your marketing and advertising efforts FIRST. We will follow the advice of Wilfred Pareto (inventor of the “80/20” rule) and start by focusing on “The Vital Few.”

I offer a complete explanation in less than 4 minutes in the video above.

I always appreciate your comments; please let me know if you find this one helpful.

To your success…

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One Response to “VIDEO: THINK like a HOMEOWNER”

  1. Thanks Bret, enjoyable, interesting and informative! Hope to see you at the National Show
    Johnny Mig

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