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How to Spy on your PPC Guy…

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, Pool Builder Marketing LLC     PPC

Two weeks ago, I showed you how moving one of my pool builder clients from one PPC company to another allowed us to nearly double our results for the same amount of money. Today I’m going to show you the “dirty little secret” that tipped us off in the first place – That maybe we weren’t getting our money’s worth from PPC company #1. (It was PPC expert #2 who exposed this secret in the first place, using a clever little online tool called “SpyFu.”)

Basically, He Showed Us
How to Spy on Our PPC Guy.

With its highly sophisticated tracking analytics, SpyFu can tell you:

  • How much you are spending on Google AdWords each month.
  • How much your competitors are spending on Google AdWords each month.
  • Who your main competitors are online.
  • How well each keyword is working for you.
  • What your ads look like.
  • What your competitors’ ads look like.
  • And so much more data that it will make your head spin.

The data that really jumped out at us was the “Estimated Monthly PPC Budget” chart, shown below. In an instant, we could see that out of the $2000 we were spending every month, less than $100 per month was actually going to Google AdWords. (Now THAT’S what I call spying on your PPC Guy!)


(FYI – The bump in the chart around August 2017 shows when the NEW PPC company took over.) 

Did I mention that all this data is free? (At least the top-level data is free. You have to sign up for a monthly subscription with SpyFu if you really want to dig deep and look at ALL of your competitors. But that’s primarily for people in the PPC business. Most pool companies shouldn’t need that level of detail.) 

To run your own test for FREE, go to, and enter your website URL. No sign-up needed!

Now let me clarify that all of this data must be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak. For example: 

  • These are ESTIMATES from SpyFu, based on sophisticated analysis of publicly available data. They are NOT hard and fast numbers directly from Google. You’re looking at BALLPARK numbers. 
  • This is only looking at Google AdWords. If part of your budget is going to Bing or Yahoo or any other search engines (and it should be), that won’t be show up here. 
  • And of course, a sizable chunk of your budget is going to be used to pay the people who manage it for you. (As a general rule of thumb, you should expect roughly half of your budget to go towards advertising, and the other half to the support team.)

Here’s a rule of thumb for you – If this SpyFu report shows less than 25% of your budget going to Google AdWords, you probably have a problem, and should give us a call. So here’s my advice: 

If you’re paying someone to handle your PPC,
you should take 5 minutes and run a free report.

Because it’s a fact – not all PPC companies are the same. By keeping an eye on your campaigns through SpyFu, you’ll have a better sense of whether or not your PPC company is someone you can trust.

And if you’re looking for someone I KNOW you can trust, just give me a call, and I will connect you with one of my recommended experts. Just reply to this email, or call us (877-634-8787), or use our “contact us form.”

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