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Another “Ask The Masters” podcast for Pool Builders: How to take better photos and videos…With or without a Drone.

I’ve probably said it 100 times, but I’ll say it again – the single most powerful (and therefore most important) component of marketing for any pool builder is not your website or brochure or automation or your “story,” but your PHOTOS.

That’s because the fastest and easiest way for any homeowner to decide whether they are remotely interested in you is to look at your photos. If they like them, they will explore further. If they don’t like them, they are gone, and you are off the list.

So if you want a great website, or a great brochure, or a good-looking facility, or even some nice social media posts, you’re going to need high-quality photos. That’s why I was interviewed by Randy Beard of “Ask the Masters” a few weeks ago, and that’s why I’m posting that podcast here.

Whether you’re taking photos or videos, whether you’re using a cell phone, or a tripod or a drone, and whether you are hiring a professional or doing it yourself, this video will help you get closer to what you really want and need.

Do you have photo or video questions or suggestions? Share them below.

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