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Here’s a clever and elegant way to deal with “hidden issues” on your next renovation…

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, Pool Builder Marketing LLC

If you’ve never been burned financially on a swimming pool renovation, then congratulations. Maybe you’ve already figured out this little secret. This message is for anyone who’s had a “less than delightful” conversation with a pool owner about newly-uncovered “added costs” for a pool renovation already in process.

“Surprise! This reno is going to cost an extra $12K…”

I don’t think it matters what sort of latent problem you uncover in the middle of a renovation. There’s almost always an argument about “whose fault it is,” and “who’s going to pay for it.”And rarely is anyone happy about it!

I know a lot of pool builders who shy away from the pool renovations business for this exact reason.

(I wish I could have told them about this clever approach sooner!)

Fortunately, I recently learned about a unique renovations program a renovator used in Florida for many years, before selling off his business for a tidy profit. It had nothing to do with the equipment or materials, or which items he would or would not renovate. It had everything to do with how he managed the client’s expectations when the proverbial crap hit the fan.

He said this one procedural change brought in an extra $1M a year in renovations revenue. And just about all of it was higher margin than the renovation itself. And surprisingly, the client was actually happier because of it. (Mostly because the pool owner perceived it as proactive rather than reactive. And it made the renovator looked like a true expert and professional.)

I found out about this program recently because a longstanding client of mine in Florida just adopted it last week. And on the first project they quoted, they got a $9000 upsell on an $8000 plaster job.

The price of the project more than doubled, and yet the client was happy.

Now let me clarify, I don’t offer this program myself. (I actually discovered it through my client.) I’m just passing this along, because any time you can increase REVENUE and PROFITABILITY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, all at the same time, well I think that’s news worth passing along.

If you want to know more about this program, I suggest you go straight to the guy who invented it, and helped my client implement it: Todd Gregorcic.

The best way to reach Todd is via email:


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