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Here’s a 2-part “Ask The Masters” podcast that tells all Pool Builders “The 7 Crucial Marketing Secrets Every Pool Builder Should Know.”

If marketing is “an annoying mystery” for you (like it is for most business owners), then these two back-to-back podcasts are exactly what you need see.

That one-trick-pony is almost NEVER the ideal solution.

Let me be blunt – I find it especially frustrating to see hard-working business owners get duped by slick, fast-talking ad agencies and consultants who convince you that their “one-trick-pony” is all you need to be successful.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take a hundred different marketing tricks either. There’s really just seven crucial marketing secrets you need to know. It’s all explained in the 2 combined podcasts below.

NOTE – We also have an e-book on this subject, if you’re interested.

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