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Here is some of the BEST advice I’ve ever seen on Referrals…

And it comes from Pool Industry Sales Expert Mario Rossetti.

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, Pool Builder Marketing LLC

I had the pleasure of working with pool industry experts Mario Rossetti and Rex Richard for a number of years, as the three of us formed and co-hosted the Pool Genius Academy. Rex was the brilliant mad scientist, I was (obviously) the marketing guru, and Mario was our sales training expert.

Like me, Mario produces a weekly newsletter for his many followers, containing spot-on selling advice for the pool industry. And occasionally, I’m so moved by his newsletters that I will grab the whole thing, lock stock and barrel, and share it with you. And that’s what I’m doing today.

Mario’s advice today on how to get more referrals is absolutely spot on.

(I’ve been saying basically the same thing for years.) I suggest you take a read, and also get signed up to receive his sales advice every weekYou can do that here.

To your success…

Brett Lloyd Abbott
Head Guru at Pool Builder Marketing


Free advice to grow your business (for very little money)

I want to mention that this topic is appropriate for both salespeople and business owners. So, is this question: Want to grow your business with as small a cash outlay as possible? If so, read on.

The answer is. . .

. . .to learn how to capitalize on the excellent work that you’ve already completed. I’m suggesting that you can make money by investing a little time further exploiting sales with which you have already successfully completed. It’s easy and even a fun, if done properly. Possibly the best part is that others will do most of the work for you.

Of course, I’m discussing the eventual referral. Not the mechanics of the referral (that comes later), but rather the first and most important step in developing an active referral base. That is building strong and lasting client relationships. As with most things, there’s a wrong way and a right way to accomplish this objective.

A closer look

Many try developing a referral base by offering money, prizes of some sort or even booze to past customers. I also know of companies that publish a book of these types of rewards as an enticement for referrals. They mistakenly believe that people who make referrals are primarily driven by greed or selfishness. While a few may respond to these types of inducements, most will not. There are better ways to securing referrals.

Building a client referral base

Here are a few steps to building lasting client relationships that foster long-term referrals for very little monetary investment:

Provide products and service that exceed expectations. Doing it right the first time provides customer satisfaction, which is essential in developing a referral base. Happy people are happy to return the favor by helping you.

Concentrate on superior communications. Keep in touch with your clients. Drop by during construction or service applications to discuss on-going progress and satisfaction. Inspect the completed work personally and leave a checklist of items examined. Let them know that you are interested in them and their continuing satisfaction.

Make it personal. Retain information about individual family members; especially the children. Mention them by name in your communications. Let them know that their family members are important to you.

Be a friend. Smile. Always retain a positive attitude. Be genuinely friendly. Clients are not conquests, they are friends (and we never have enough of those). Treat them as important individuals.

Keep the satisfaction in focus. Develop a follow-up process that includes personal telephone calls, emails, texts and cards at appropriate times. Ask about their continuing satisfaction with your products. Continually provide information on new developments that may enhance their enjoyment of your products and services. You don’t have to try to sell them, just help them.

If not greed, what drives referrals?

The Law of Reciprocity. This law is often referred to as the Law of Sowing and Reaping. It works. In personal terms it means that we receive from that which we give. For example, try smiling at someone and it is highly likely that you will receive a smile in return. In other words, one positive action yields another positive action in return.

Why the ‘greed or money factor’ does not work well. In this case the customer must begin the process by giving first. You are expecting an altruistic action from the customer. Another reason that the money action fails is that it tends to belittle people by treating them as if they need the small amount of money that you offer. Also, if money is the basis for your referral program, your ‘source’ will move to another whose when their financial offer is better.

If however, you were to first provide an excellent product or service, and then follow it as described, the client is almost obligated to provide a reciprocal action. And they most often will. Often in greater measure than your initial provision.

Low cost, high return

The referral should be a driving force in every business. It must begin, however, with a personal relationship between you and the client. That relationship must be fostered and prolonged by your positive actions as described. When this is the case, it will grow as the result of the Law of Reciprocity. Try it. You’ll like it.

Thank you

Stop attempting to buy referrals. Instead, expect referrals because of the excellent work and exceptional benefits that you first provide others. And remember, the worst that happens is that you will make lasting friendships. That’s always a good thing.

Until next time, God bless and. . .

Good sales from your Coach,


© 2019 Rossetti Enterprises, LLC and Mario D. Rossetti

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