Looks like EVERYONE is jumping into Pay-Per-Click Advertising…

Looks like EVERYONE is jumping into Pay-Per-Click Advertising…

Last year, I compared PPC advertising to “sitting in a hot tub.”

For most pool companies, leads have been falling off steadily for the last six months, if not for the last year. Pipelines aren’t overwhelmingly full like they were a year ago. And people are less desperate, and somewhat less likely to buy nowadays.

PPC ads on Google, Facebook and other media are the obvious solution to keep the pipeline loaded. But with increased competition, PPC advertising is now a dangerous place for do-it-yourselfers and amateurs.

In this new environment,
it’s more important than ever to use an expert.

My “go-to” hero for all things digital, Google, organic and PPC continues to be “The Professor,” Mr. Dane Wiseman.

Not only is he the smartest digital marketing guy I ever met, but he actually is the lead professor for digital marketing at NYU.

Dane and his agency are the ONLY PPC people I trust and recommend to MY clients.

And once again, as a favor to me, Dane has agreed to offer a FREE PPC Audit to the first 10 people who submit their request via this webform.

Dane’s audit will save you time and money, and will also help you with understand the effectiveness of your media spend from an unbiased and independent PPC expert.

(It will also help you figure out if you’re getting RIPPED OFF by your current PPC agency.)

There are no fees. No contracts. No continued obligations. Just a free analysis.

NOTE – If you are new to PPC, Dane can get you $500 in free ads when you buy your first $500 of ads with Google.

If you have any questions, or don’t hear from Dane in the next 24 hours, please call me personally at 512-266-7777, or email me at

As a reminder, this is limited to the first 10 requestors, so ACT QUICKLY if you want the free audit.

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