Would you like to see the 7 simple automations for Pool Builders?

I’d like to give you my “7 Simple Sales Automations for Pool Builders” E-Book, for FREE.

Brett – Just as your business has EXPLODED over the last 2 years, our sales and marketing AUTOMATION business has similarly exploded.

No surprise, since – if you’re like most Aussie pool builders – you’ve been getting more business than you could handle, and you couldn’t hire new people fast enough.

So we’ve been helping our clients automate as much of their sales and marketing processes as possible.

And now we’ve captured all those easy-to-replicate automation shortcuts in this e-Book. And I’m giving it to YOU.

In this easy-reading e-Book, you’ll see how to quickly and easily SIMPLIFY and AUTOMATE your sales and marketing processes, so your designers can focus on CLOSING DEALS rather than spin their wheels chasing unqualified prospects.

It also shows you what to do AFTER the sale, and after CONSTRUCTION, so you can get more referrals and 5-star reviews.

I’ve even given you the exact WORDS to use in your messages!

I’m not planning to offer this e-Book for free again,
so I suggest you grab this e-Book NOW.

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