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What to do when you’re too busy to do it all…

(How to “Git’r done”)

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc.

Begging forgiveness from our friends “down under”; Today’s message is directed toward pool builders in the Northern Hemisphere.

Tell me if I’ve got this right: It’s June now, and you’re getting more calls and bidding more jobs than you’ve had in years. You’ve got less help than in the past, but cash flow has been so tight for so long that you don’t dare pass up a single opportunity.  Memorial Day weekend was “crazy-busy,” but deep-down, you hope that some of this “craziness” lasts for at least a few more months. You’re not yet “out of the woods,” but things finally seemed to be pointed in the right direction for a change.

Is that about right?

Here’s the irony of this situation – Right now, you’re out there busting your butt, while comparatively speaking, “consultant guys” like me have more time on our hands than ever. Then to further the irony, come November I’ll be swamped with a backlog, and you’ll be eager/anxious to “make those changes” you were thinking about last Spring.

Ahh, such a dilemma. Like Romeo and Juliet, we know we’re right for each other, and we WANT to be together, but circumstances just keep getting in our way.  Whatever shall we do?

Here’s one suggestion – We both know you’re already busy, so forget about investing an impossible 20 to 40+ hours trying to figure out “What’s the right marketing plan for me?  Just remember that there are really only four basic “pool builder marketing” fundamentals you need to focus on. Then invest one hour (instead of 40) to get someone to tackle whichever of these needs help:

  1. A well-articulated message.
  2. A compelling & attractive website.
  3. An enticing, low-risk offer.
  4. An automated follow-up system.

Seriously, with as little as ONE HOUR of your own time, someone like MYM Austin could step in and take care of any of the above items for you, while you stay out in the field, “making hay while the sun shines.” After all, when you stop and think about it – what better time to outsource to an expert than right now, when your cash flow can handle it?

But hey, you’ve probably got more jobs to bid on right now, so I’ll keep this short and to the point: Don’t let the “busy-ness” of the season stop you from doing what you know still needs to be done. Find an expert. Hand it off. Git’r Done.

To your success,


If you’re interested, our “Git’r Done” services are here.

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