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Are YOU running Pay-Per-Click Ads?

Then you need to know these SECRET TRICKS used by SUCCESSFUL PPC Experts…

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc.

Three and a half years ago, I gave you some SEO and PPC advice that was PERFECTLY ACCURATE at the time, but is now WOEFULLY MISLEADING and out of date. (In fact, I won’t even offer you a hyperlink to the blog post, because it’s no longer good advice.)  I said: “Four out of five people won’t click your pay per click ads.

Oh, that’s so 2010…

Perhaps you didn’t get the memo: Since 2011, the most powerful search engine company in the world (Google) is actually “at war” against organic search. (Yes, Google is at war with itself.  But that’s because Google doesn’t make money giving away free search.  They make money selling pay-per-click advertising.)  This might help to explain why the last few years have seen all these different changes to paid and organic search, such as:

  • PPC ads are “prettier” and larger than they used to be.
  • PPC ads now have “free clickable extensions” that they never used to have.
  • “Google Places” listings (aka “Google Places,” or now “Google My Business”) have joined the PPC ads at the top to further push the free “organic” listings further down the page.
  • Google’s Panda, Penguin, and a variety of other ongoing algorithm updates have made it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for businesses to manipulate their own organic rankings.

“Paid Search” has now surpassed “Organic Search” in volume…
ESPECIALLY when the desire is to BUY something.

SEO/organic search is still popular when people are looking for FREE INFORMATION. But people who want to SPEND MONEY now seem to prefer the paid ads by nearly 2 to 1.  (Check out this lengthy but insightful graphic from Word Stream for more facts that CONFIRM this surprising fact.)

That’s why YOU need to know about these SECRET TRICKS that SUCCESSFUL PPC Experts use to drive more CLICKS, more LEADS, and more POOL SALES.

(You can ALSO use these secrets as a “test” to determine whether YOUR PPC manager is doing the best job for you.)

  1. Secret #1: “Negative Keywords” – This is to avoid the clicks that you don’t want.  For example, if you’re an in-ground pool builder, then the phrase “above ground pool” should be FILTERED as a NEGATIVE KEYWORD, so that you don’t pay for people who don’t want what you sell anyway. (We have more than 1000 “negative keywords” that we have identified and analyzed for pool builders.)  As you can see in the example below, the retailer “Pool Fly” is exactly where they need to be, but the two GUNITE builders are completely wasting their efforts: Negative Keywords (above ground)
  2. Secret #2: “Geo-Targeting” – I’m not just talking cities here.  I’m talking ZIP CODES.   Are there certain parts of town you DO want to build in?  And certain areas where you DON’T want to waste your time? You should be geo-targeting specific zip codes to manage this.
  3. Secret #3: “Re-Marketing” – This refers to the highly sophisticated and effective trick of “following” people who click your paid ads, and “tempting” them for the next 30, 60 or 90 days with ongoing subtle-but-persistent high-quality “banner ads” on OTHER reputable websites, such as Forbes, Amazon, Yahoo, Fox news, Wall Street Journal, etc. (This is ESPECIALLY smart for the pool industry because – as we all know – it can take MONTHS for people to make a decision on a new inground pool. Often times “one little click” just isn’t enough.)
  4. Secret #4: “Bidding on Your Competitors Names” – Don’t you want your name to show up whenever someone searches for your most hated competitor?  It’s very simple, perfectly legitimate, and most of your competitors are doing it against you already anyway.
  5. Secret #5: Ad-Word “Extension Features” – This clever little trick allows you to add in EXTRA LINES to your ad, with hyperlinks to your customer reviews, your “seller rating,” your location map, a mobile “click to call” button, and a variety of other items. Here’s an example that shows the “extra links” at the bottom of the ad, offering links to the gallery page, the renovations page, etc. Google Ad Word Extensions
  6. Secret #6: Keyword Matching – “Broad” vs “Phrase” vs “Exact” – Each of these methods has a time, a place and a purpose.  You need to adjust these as necessary for each of your targeted keywords.
  7. Secret #7: “Custom Landing Pages” – A classic mistake is to send ALL of your website visitors to your HOME page, no matter what keyword they searched. That slows down their momentum, and totally kills your closing ratio. (For example, if someone searches and clicks your “swimming pool renovations” ad, you should send them straight to your renovations page, and NOT to your homepage or “new pools” page.)
  8. Secret #8: “Conversions Tracking” – There is special code that should be installed on certain pages of your website, so that you can tell whether your pay-per-click advertising generated an inquiry or a phone call or anything else.  Otherwise, how will you know whether the money you are spending on PPC advertising is paying for itself?
  9. Secret #9: Metrics/Analysis – The BEST PPC managers will spend HOURS analyzing the results of all clicks, including keywords, ad content, cost per click, time of day, mobile versus non-mobile, and much more.  This is the ONLY way they can continually improve results, and drive down the average cost per click, cost per lead and cost per sale.
  10. Secret #10: “Specialization” – Talk to any reputable PPC agency, and you’ll find that their BEST agents are the ones who have chosen a particular field of specialty, and focused on that.  A “Jack-of-all-trades” just can’t compete with that  sort of expertise.  (That’s why WE only use and recommend our favorite PPC expert Mr. Joseph Christoforo.  He and his team work EXCLUSIVELY in the swimming pool industry, and know it like nobody else.)

The above “secrets” can have a HUGE impact on your monthly advertising expenses and success, and are probably worthy of a more detailed discussion.  So if you’re wondering (1) “Is my current PPC provider utilizing the above secrets?” and/or (2) “Should I be using PPC advertising today?“, just give me a call.  I can point you in the right direction in a hurry.

To your success…

©2014 Brett Lloyd Abbott / MYM Austin, Inc. May not be used without permission.

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