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Just like Peas and Carrots…

I know the analogy of PPC advertising and a crowded hot tub is getting old, but in my opinion, it perfectly illustrates the exact challenge we have in front of us when it comes to new pool leads.

The total number of people looking to build a new pool today is a fraction of it was last year. So a large group of successful builders like you are fighting over a significantly smaller number of leads.

People are still buying pools, but finding the serious buyers is getting a lot harder to do. And it’s getting more expensive. (When more people start bidding for the same keywords you’re using, the price automatically goes up.)

What used to cost $2 or $3 per click is now costing
$20 to $30 per click.

That’s why, if you’re spending any money on pay-per-click advertising – or any type of lead generation for that matter – you should be leveraging the heck out of every lead that comes in.

Especially if those leads are costing 10 times more than they used to. You’ll want to grab and nurture and coddle and work every lead to its maximum potential. As I always say:

Until they buy, or until they die.

I call it “the Chinese water torture” of nurture marketing, where you drip, drip, drip a series of ongoing messages to your prospects, to educate them, qualify them, and ultimately persuade them to choose you, no matter how long that takes.

When you combine your PPC advertising with drip marketing, they go together like peas and carrots.

Because remember, you can spend $20 per lead, and without automation, it can dry up and wither away in a matter of weeks.

With marketing automation in place, that same $20 lead can be nurtured and coddled and educated and persuaded by you for the next five years if necessary, at essentially no cost to you, and no work on your part.

So no matter how many other pool builders they talk to, they are overwhelmingly influenced and educated about YOU. They know you better and understand you better, and they’ve learned your unique advantages, thanks to your ongoing educational messages.

Obviously, this is better for your salespeople too,

Because we don’t want salespeople wasting time chasing unqualified leads. We want them talking to the NOW buyers (like the people who click your PPC ads).

Let the marketing automation handle all the future buyers, and nurture them till they’re ready, willing and able to meet with your designer and purchase a pool from you.

If you’re spending money on advertising, but not running any automation, I suggest you reach out to me and let me show you how it’s done.

If you’ve got automation, but don’t have the lead flow you want, then you’ll want to talk to my buddy Dane Wiseman, AKA “The Professor.” He’s the best there is when it comes to generating leads for the swimming pool industry.

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