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Are you attending the 2016 International Pool, Spa, Patio EXPO in New Orleans this week?

Then stop by Booth 539 and say HELLO!

My wife Naomi and I are usually busy teaching classes at the IPSPE, but THIS year we chose to host a BOOTH on the convention floor instead. So if you’re headed to New Orleans for the 2016 International Pool, Spa & Patio Expo, and you’re even remotely interested in Marketing for Pool Builders, or talking to us, we hope you’ll stop by and say hello. (We’re giving away free pens, so even if you’re not interested in seeing us, at least there’s THAT!)

We’re in Booth 539, near the GENESIS Pavilion and the Pool and Spa News Booth, as seen in this map:


So stop by, whether you want to talk “Marketing for Pool Builders” or not. We hope to see you!

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