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Here are my latest, greatest marketing recommendations for 2017…

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc.

Isn’t it a relief to have the United States 2016 election year behind us?  Now we can focus on what REALLY matters, which is making more money and selling more swimming pools.  And fortunately, the rules haven’t changed a whole lot in the last year.  So if you’ve been following my advice for the last several years, you should be in pretty good shape now.  Just to be sure, let’s go through a quick review of the most important marketing initiatives you should be using in 2017:

Inside the Bottle.jpg1. Make Sure You Have “A Clear and Compelling Story

As I’ve said many times before, “It’s hard to read the label when you’re inside the bottle.”  If you KNOW you’re better than your competition, but your prospects just don’t seem to get it, then it’s because you haven’t told your story in a way that is INTERESTING, COMPELLING and BELIEVABLE.

(I made a short video that explains this concept. Click the link, then scroll to the bottom of the page to see the video.)

mobile ready website comparison1.jpg2. Make Sure You Have “Compelling, Mobile-Friendly Website

Google already told the world that they will give favorable treatment to mobile-friendly websites, and punish those people who haven’t bothered to upgrade their websites to mobile. (You remember “Mobilegeddon,” right?)

If you STILL haven’t upgraded to mobile, then I suggest you quietly but determinedly contact us and get this taken care of right away.

Of course, mobile-friendly is only part of the story.  You still need “clear and compelling content” on your website to favorably persuade your visitors to contact YOU. (After all, there’s no point in spending money to drive people to a crappy website, just to have them be UNFAVORABLY impressed, and scratch you from their list.) 

So if you’ve tackled item #1 up above, then make sure you use that same compelling content on your website.  Then people will love you, and call you, and you will sell more pools.

10StepstothePerfectPooloffers.jpg3. Make Sure You Have a “Low Risk Offer” on your website

This could be as sophisticated as a DVD, or as simple as a downloadable report (such as our “10 Steps to the Perfect Pool” report).  Either way, the secret is to “dangle a tempting, low risk offer” in front of your prospects so that:

  • Any website visitors who are NOT READY to call a pool builder will nonetheless be HAPPY to give you their contact information, so that they can get your free DVD or report.
  • And once you’ve got their contact info, now you can start AUTOMATICALLY MARKETING to them, as explained in strategy/tactic #4, below.

automatic follow-up images2.jpg4. Set up an “Automated Follow-Up” system to “drip” ongoing messages to your prospects.

We know that people don’t make a pool buying decision overnight.  And we know that they frequently speak with more than one builder.  That’s why – once we have their contact infowe want to “drip” on them with an ongoing series of e-mails and/or postcards.  That way, when they’re finally ready to reach out and speak with a builder, they are MUCH more likely to reach out and call YOU.

Call it “nurturing“; call it “drip irrigation“; call it “Chinese water torture.” This is how you “Monopolize Your Marketplace” and beat your competition into a demoralized quivering pulp.  Just remember to continue your automated follow-up “until they buy or until they die.

SEARCHMarketing1.jpg5. Make sure people FIND you online.

Traditional SEO continues to get harder, more expensive, and less effective.  By contrast, Pay per Click (PPC) services continue to produce the most predictable and reliable results in generating leads for pool builders.

NOTE – there’s only ONE Expert that I can confidently recommend for the swimming pool industry: Corey Zeiman of Guaranteed PPC. You can contact Corey directly at (877) 796-0297 x101 or email him at You can also check out his website here:

You can ALSO try to generate leads through social media, but (1) you’ve got to be REALLY be active with it (as in DAILY), and (2) you’ll need to be INTERESTING.

Referral.jpg6. Referrals will ALWAYS be the BEST leads ever.

I’ve written about this extensively, so if you want more advice on how to get more referrals, read my most recent article about referrals here.

SWP DVD1.jpg7. If you want to improve your Closing Ratios, then improve your SALES TOOLS.

As I’ve said many times in the past, marketing is meaningless if the sales rep can’t close the sale. 

A good designer/pool sales rep will close at least 20% of the people they meet with, and at least 33% of their REFERRALS.  If your salespeople are not achieving those numbers, you need to either (1) hook them up with some sales training, or (2) come up with better sales tools, or BOTH.

Better sales tools” would include such things as:

  • A professional brochure
  • A “backyard ideas” DVD
  • A “Pool Builder Comparison Checklist”
  • A list of “10 Reasons Why Homeowners Love Us”
  • A great “Elevator Pitch”
  • A long list of positive testimonials and online reviews.
  • Compelling and interesting VIDEOS
  • And perhaps most importantly, a killer website.

And fortunately, when you address marketing strategies #1, #2, #3 and #4 mentioned above, then ALL of these will help you with your closing ratios.

So there you go – My top 7 marketing recommendations to help you to sell more pools and make more money in 2017. My company can help you with most of these, or you can do them yourself. It just depends on whether you would rather be a pool builder or be a marketing person. 

If you need help, give us a call: 877-634-8787 (18-PROFITS-UP).

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