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Automated Follow-Up – the Secret Weapon of Swimming Pool Marketing…

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, Pool Builder Marketing LLC

Last week, I talked about the “3 Simple Secrets” for selling more swimming pools, namely (1) a killer website, (2) a low-risk offer on that website, and (3) an automated follow-up system that kicks into gear the moment they take advantage of your low risk offer. Now let’s look at why “automated follow-up” is undoubtedly the single most powerful marketing tactic in the swimming pool industry.

Disbelievingwoman2Fotolia_67891501_XS.jpgHere’s what we know:

  1. People take a LONG TIME to make the decision to buy a pool.
  2. Most pool buyers have NO IDEA what they’re doing.
  3. These people are HUNGRY for information that will help them make a smart decision.
  4. If YOU keep feeding them helpful information, they will eventually love (and buy from) YOU.
  5. Salespeople and business owners will NEVER perform as much follow-up as they could or should.

No doubt, “Follow-up” is the MOST OBVIOUS
yet WORST-EXECUTED tactic in the history of marketing.”

Let’s take a closer look at this situation using some simple math. Let’s presume that people spend an average of 100 days (3.3 months) to make a decision to buy a pool. I’m talking about from the moment they first start exploring the idea of buying a pool to the moment they write you the down payment. 3.3 months might in fact be a little bit aggressive, but let’s stay with that to keep the math easy.

If we have 100 potential pool buyers, and it takes them each 100 days to make a decision, then we will average one pool sale per day.

That means for every person who is ready to buy TODAY,
there are 99 OTHERS who are still just THINKING about it.

Obviously, your salespeople can’t afford to waste time with the STILL-THINKING prospects. They need to be actively engaged with the NOW BUYERS – writing proposals, closing sales and earning commissions. But we shouldn’t ignore the other 99 prospects, because if they don’t hear from us, they very well may go to the competition when they’re finally ready to buy.

That’s why you need to AUTOMATE your follow-up…
So that EVERY prospect continues to hear why they should buy from YOU,
even if they haven’t heard from a salesperson in a year.

DripIrrigationvegetablegreenhouse.jpgIt’s like “drip irrigation” for a farmer – except that in our industry, not all the seeds are planted at the same time.That’s why we need constant nurturing of the prospects, since the fruits (the buyers) will “ripen” at all different times. They need LOTS of different messages, such as:

  • Why homeowners love us.
  • Why pool owners are happier and healthier than anyone else.
  • Why today’s swimming pools are easier to maintain than ever before.
  • Why today’s swimming pools use less energy than ever before.
  • Have you seen these amazing new pool features?
  • Here’s what pool owners have to say about their new pools.
  • Why a swimming pool is better than a boat. (Or an RV, or an expensive vacation, or going to the beach.)
  • Why our designs keep winning awards.
  • 15 questions to ask any pool builder.
  • The pool builder comparison checklist.
  • Have you met our owner?
  • Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you…

automatic follow-up images2.jpgWhen you have 10 or more helpful and informative messages going to your prospects, your chance of winning the sale goes up DRAMATICALLY. That’s because none of your competitors are smart enough to implement any kind of real automated follow-up.Meanwhile, you’ve DOMINATED the mind share of your prospects, so naturally, when they’re finally ready to buy, they are immediately going to think of you first.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that this is not an easy thing to set up. (It took us 10 years to get our system to where it is today.) But after a lot of creative writing, and a major investment with Infusionsoft, we have what is undoubtedly the world’s best automated follow-up system for pool builders.

With 20+ customized emails, postcards and downloadable reports, our turnkey Auto-Follow-up system can be up and running for you in just 10 days.

Click here for all the details of our automated follow-up program. If you would like to schedule a live demonstration of our auto-follow-up system, you can do that here.

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