Watch out for SEO “Bait and Switch”

I presume you get as much spam as I do, from so-called SEO experts who often say We’ll fix the errors on your website, and now more commonly say “We want to partner with you” to “help you fill your calendar” and “load your pipeline” and “book more sales meetings” and “close more deals.

They may throw in a few more buzzwords like “dedicated resources” to “help you scale your business” with “your ideal prospects” so you can “onboard new clients.

And they all seem to end with “With your permission, I’d like to send you a report….

Ultimately, this is all code for one thing:

“Please let us be your Google ads PPC advertising agency!”

Normally I just flag these as spam, but sometimes they’re so egregious that I have to call them out. Such as with this recent e-mail:

“Are you interested in hearing how we are able to generate hundreds of leads each month for companies in your industry just by fixing your website?

“Happy to share some insights. All you need to do is book a quick 10 minute call at:”

HUNDREDS of leads each month?
In the POOL industry?
JUST by fixing my client’s website?

That’s pretty specific. This I gotta see!

So I reached out. And as you might expect, here’s what happened:

  1. I was referred over to an actual contact in the company (rather than their outsourced offshore person who sent the original e-mail).
  2. This new contact sent over a standard report on the website, (which actually indicated the website is in EXCELLENT shape, and – like pretty much every OTHER website in the world – has a few minor items that COULD be improved, but probably wouldn’t make any real difference.)
  3. Suddenly the story changed from “HUNDREDS of leads per month” to “DOZENS of leads,” and maybe 6 good prospects per month.
  4. I asked “What about getting us hundreds of leads per month just by fixing the website?”
  5. He replied “Oh, hundreds of leads per month would require a very strong 6-figure budget.”

Did you say “a very strong six-figure budget”?

You mean like “A LOT MORE than $100,000/month”? And oh by the way:

“Please let us be your Google ads PPC advertising agency!”

And there it is. The bait and switch.

When I called him out on it, the owner of the agency admitted and apologized that the original e-mail was (grossly) misleading, but he wanted me to know they are still there to help us, if we are ready!

BOTTOM LINE: When you get unsolicited emails from people you’ve never heard of, promising you the moon to grow your business, you’ll be wise to just hit the “SPAM” button, because that’s all it is.


PS – If you ever want to have a REAL conversation about SEO and PPC with an actual tried-and-true Google Ads PPC agency – someone who does NOT do any “bait and switch” – then you’ll want to speak with Professor Dane Wiseman, who specializes in digital marketing for the swimming pool industry.I refer all my clients to him.

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