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As predicted, GOOGLE is moving forward with their “SEO OBLITERATION” plans…

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc.


Back in January, I told you about the new “Google Home Services” experiment that was taking place in San Francisco. 

It started with PLUMBERS, MAIDSand LOCKSMITH services, but was expected to expand to ALL cities
and ALL types of home contractor services (which includes POOL BUILDERS and POOL SERVICEcompanies) before the end of this year.

It looks like they are moving forward with their plans.

On Friday, April 15, Google announced an expansion of the program to SACRAMENTO, and to include ELECTRICIANS and HVAC services as well.

All indications are that our beloved pool industry is about to follow in the near future.

Let me remind you WHY this will affect you, whether you are doing pay Per Click advertising or not.

If you ARE running PPC ads:

  • The traditional “Pay Per Click” ads at the top of the page will go away.
  • Searchers will now see a new “Compare 3 Contractorssearch function.
  • In order to show up in this list, you (1) must already be doing PPC advertising, and (2) must have passed Google’s “background check” and “online screening” process.
  • Your “Google Reviews” rankings will show up here also. If you have a low ranking, you are less likely to show up in the top three.

If you are NOT running PPC ads, but typically showed up on page 1 ORGANICALLY:

  • The traditional “organic listings” for individual companies will be replaced by “directory listings” such as Yelp, Dex, Houzz, YellowPages, etc.
  • Your page 1 company listing will now show up on page 2.
  • If you want to show up on page 1, your only option will be PPC advertising. In other words, you will have to “Pay to Play.”

As previously stated, this is a BRILLIANT move by Google, because:

  1. The ads at the top of the page don’t look like ads anymore.
  2. Homeowners will be eager to use this new “Compare 3 Contractors” feature.
  3. Google gets paid by all 3 advertisers every time a homeowner does a comparison.
  4. And most importantly – Everyone who has been enjoying good organic search rankings in the past will now have little choice but to start Pay Per Click advertising if they want to get back onto page 1.

Yes, this is a big deal.

That’s why we had a WEBINAR to explain it.

We may schedule ANOTHER webinar in the near future, to explain the latest developments. In the meantime,you can check out the previous webinar by clicking the graphic image below. (NOTE – If you jump to the 25-minute mark, you’ll get some ADDITIONAL tips on Reviews, Remarketing and other things you could be doing to protect yourself.

If you’re interested in attending our NEXT webinar, just shoot me a quick reply to this email, and I’ll make sure you get notified.  

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