Low-cost SEO trick that actually WORKS

Here’s an easy, low-cost SEO trick that actually WORKS… By Brett Lloyd Abbott, Pool Builder Marketing LLC            seo I was only half-joking when I said “The best way to make sure you show up at the top of Google is FIRST, make sure that you are at the top of […]

Selling Pools: “You Had Me at Hello”

Here’s another tip to help designers sell more pools… By Brett Lloyd Abbott, Pool Builder Marketing LLC Over the last 10 years or so, I’ve discovered a curious, magical phenomenon that frequently occurs in the process of selling a swimming pool. One of my clients succinctly described it as “You Had Me at Hello.” He’s referring […]

Marketing Advice for Pool Builders in 2017

Here are my latest, greatest marketing recommendations for 2017… By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc. Isn’t it a relief to have the United States 2016 election year behind us?  Now we can focus on what REALLY matters, which is making more money and selling more swimming pools.  And fortunately, the rules haven’t changed a […]

Comments from the 2016 IPSPE in New Orleans

My comments from the 2016 Pool/Spa/Patio show… Before I offer any of my own observations, let me share with you a comment from one of my clients who attended the 2016 International Pool Spa Patio Expo, because I think this says it all: “I found at least 10 new products or ideas that could let […]

2016 International Pool, Spa, Patio EXPO

Are you attending the 2016 International Pool, Spa, Patio EXPO in New Orleans this week? Then stop by Booth 539 and say HELLO! My wife Naomi and I are usually busy teaching classes at the IPSPE, but THIS year we chose to host a BOOTH on the convention floor instead. So if you’re headed to […]

GOOGLE will OBLITERATE traditional SEO

If you haven’t heard about “Google Home Services,” you need to know about it now. This is likely to have a DRAMATIC effect on how people search for and find home service providers (including pool builders and pool service companies) in the very near future.

7 Marketing Secrets for Pool Builders

Our new E-BOOK is available FREE! (But ONLY until July 14, 2015.) “7 Crucial Marketing Secrets Every Pool Builder Should Know” By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc. This should be REQUIRED READING for every pool builder on the planet.  In the works for nearly 3 years, our brand-new e-book is finally available for your […]

How to Play Nice with Google

FINALLY – An EASY way to “Be Friends” and “Play Nice” with Google… By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc. The running joke (in the Internet marketing world) is that the “g” in the Google+ logo stands for “ghost town.” But you shouldn’t say that out loud, because – despite the painful accuracy of the […]

If you’re not SWAMPED, you should be doing PPC

(My apologies to my friends/readers in the Southern Hemisphere; In JUNE, this is more of a Northern Hemisphere / “Middle of the Season” type of message. You might bookmark this for review in December!) It’s June. If you’re not as busy as you want, Then you should be looking at Google AdWords/Pay per Click/PPC By […]

Google, “Mobilegeddon,” Websites and SEO

Yes, Google is punishing websites that are not “mobile friendly”, but THERE’S NO NEED TO PANIC. “Mobilegeddon” is NOT the end of the world. Making your website “mobile-friendly” is still absolutely the right thing to do. But so is “making sure you’ve got good content.” Because an uncompelling, platitude-filled website won’t persuade or impress anyone, including Google. Neither will a website that is clunky or hard to navigate – mobile or otherwise.