Marketing Advice for Pool Builders in 2017

Here are my latest, greatest marketing recommendations for 2017… By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc. Isn’t it a relief to have the United States 2016 election year behind us?  Now we can focus on what REALLY matters, which is making more money and selling more swimming pools.  And fortunately, the rules haven’t changed a […]

Comments from the 2016 IPSPE in New Orleans

My comments from the 2016 Pool/Spa/Patio show… Before I offer any of my own observations, let me share with you a comment from one of my clients who attended the 2016 International Pool Spa Patio Expo, because I think this says it all: “I found at least 10 new products or ideas that could let […]

Google, “Mobilegeddon,” Websites and SEO

Yes, Google is punishing websites that are not “mobile friendly”, but THERE’S NO NEED TO PANIC. “Mobilegeddon” is NOT the end of the world. Making your website “mobile-friendly” is still absolutely the right thing to do. But so is “making sure you’ve got good content.” Because an uncompelling, platitude-filled website won’t persuade or impress anyone, including Google. Neither will a website that is clunky or hard to navigate – mobile or otherwise.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Warning

On April 21, 2015, Google will PUNISH websites that are not “mobile-friendly.” By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc. I have a lot of respect for Google.  They’ve used their primary goal of “give people the best search results possible” to achieve their secondary goal, which is to make billions and billions of dollars.  Congratulations, […]

For ANYONE running Pay-Per-Click Ads

Are YOU running Pay-Per-Click Ads? Or THINKING About IT? Then you need to know these SECRET TRICKS used by SUCCESSFUL PPC Experts… By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc. Three and a half years ago, I gave you some SEO and PPC advice that was PERFECTLY ACCURATE at the time, but is now WOEFULLY MISLEADING […]

Confessions of an SEO Crook

It’s normally not considered wise for a business owner to offer up the “dirty little secrets” behind their industry. But this ongoing challenge of “search engine optimization” has grown into such a monster that I think it’s time I finally come clean with it. I am an SEO crook.