One super-fast, super easy-way to check your website vs. your competitors is to take a look at the “Alexa ranking.”

Not to be confused with the voice-activated speaker from Amazon, this is “Alexa the website traffic analysis company” that offers free (and paid) website traffic data on your website, as well as the websites of any competitors you care to look at.

And if you download their free toolbar (or just go to their website), it will instantly tell you the popularity of your website, and the popularity of any other website you care to look at, including every one of your competitors.

(I prefer the toolbar, because it tells you INSTANTLY the rank of any website you are on.)

Why does the Alexa Rank matter? Super-simple – If one or more of your competitors has a better Alexa rank than you, that means they are getting more website visitors than you are.

Why are they getting more traffic? Well, it could be they are doing a ton of advertising, and driving people to the site. But more likely, and to be painfully blunt, the world simply likes their website more than yours.

Now if your website scores better than your competition, then congratulations. You probably have one of the best websites in your market, which means for now, you don’t need to change anything.

On the other hand, if your competitors are scoring better than you, then that’s pretty much a red flag telling you it’s time to make some changes to your website.

Totally free, you can download this amazing “instant check” tool right here:

Confusing? Let me clarify:

  • Alexa monitors the top 30 million most popular websites in the world, with #1 (typically being the most popular website in the world.
  • So the lower your score, the better!
  • In my experience, any pool industry website that is ranked at or below 5 million is doing quite well.
  • A website ranked beyond (above) 10 million is not so good.
  • If Alexa says “No Data,” that means the website is outside of the thirty million most popular websites in the world. (Which means basically no one is going to visit that site.)

If your website Alexa rank is worse than your competitors (or worse yet, is showing “no data”), you should give us a call. We’ll show you exactly how to fix that.

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