Get inside the Minds of Today’s Swimming Pool Buyers

Get Inside The Minds of Today’s Swimming Pool Buyers… By Brett Lloyd Abbott, Pool Builder Marketing LLC In 2015, The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) initiated a research program with the world-famous Gallup organization to find out why U.S. pool owners bought their pools, and – more importantly – why non-pool owners DIDN’T […]

How to Talk About MONEY When Selling a Pool

I frequently see TWO big money-related problems when I observe salespeople talking to homeowners:
1. Salespeople are sometimes reluctant to have an honest and sincere conversation about “money” and where it’s coming from.
2. Salespeople often believe the budget is written in stone.
Admittedly, “talking about money” can be a little awkward. It can be considered rude, nosy, prying, and “none of our business.” But the truth is, TALKING ABOUT MONEY IS PART OF YOUR JOB. And FAILING to talk about money is failing at your job. So let’s discuss HOW to talk about money without it feeling awkward, and how to avoid “the budget trap.”