Here’s a FREE WEBINAR you won’t want to miss! It’s TOMORROW (Thursday, March 3)

Announcing the new TECHNICAL SCHOOL
at the Pool Genius Academy…

By Brett Lloyd Abbott, MYM Austin Inc.

Sorry for the late notice; But if you can find any way to do so, I strongly suggest you find a way to squeeze this special webinar event onto your calendar.

It’s tomorrow (Thursday, March 3) at 7:00 p.m. Eastern, 4:00 p.m. Pacific time, In honor of the launch of our new School of Technology, (which now complement our ever-popular School of Business), we‘re offering a fast-paced, insightful look into what gets in the way of your success, and what you can do to be a success in the pool industry. 

In this FREE 2-hour session, you’ll discover:

  • Why the high-tech, high-end jobs get many builders into big trouble.
  • Why most service companies are stuck in a life-long rut.
  • What new technologies will change the pool industry forever.
  • Why most marketing is a complete waste of money.
  • Why you should NEVER lose business to a Low-Baller.
  • Why most busiensses fail, and what you can do to succeed instead.

To attend this session, you must register in advance!

Click this link to get registered and get this on your calendar.

To your success,


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