Are you interested in “Business Advice”?

I think we can help you there!

We’ve collected a TON of useful info over the years, to help any business owner succeed. It’s intelligent, hard-hitting, real-world business advice in the area of sales, marketing and business management.

We’ve  published these in a number of magazine articles and blog posts, and now we will happily share them with you. Check your in box for the first article in about 2 days.

Now let me point out that “Hearing, learning, and understanding a great new idea” is NOTHING compared to the power of actually IMPLEMENTING that idea.

And let’s be honest – sometimes, you need a trusted outsider to not only guide you, but  to also hold you accountable to do the stuff you know you should do.

That’s why we came up with our “Marketing Coach” program. To (1) help you identify what you should and shouldn’t do, and (2) provide the accountability that motivates you to complete the things you committed to.

Yes, that’s another thing we do. So if you’re interested, you can read more about the concept here

Brett Lloyd Abbott
CEO and Chief Strategist / Guru
Pool Builder Marketing LLC

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