So you’re concerned about MANPOWER Challenges?

I know. Who isn’t?

Pool companies are busier than ever, and it seems like no one wants to work.

Isn’t it crazy, that most pool companies are too busy to even answer the phone, much less spend 30 minutes talking to every prospect that suddenly got the bright idea to get a new pool or pool renovation?

Think how much you could grow if you could just find people to hire! Yet eager manpower is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find.

That’s why for the last 2 years, I’ve focused my attention on SALES and MARKETING AUTOMATION.

Because if we can’t find more manpower, at least we can make life easier and more productive for the manpower you DO have.

Sales and marketing automation for pool buildersThe right marketing automation will send a variety of emails and text messages to your prospects BEFORE you have to talk to them, to set and manage expectations from the get-go, without you ever lifting a finger.

AND it will manage them throughout the sales process.

And THEN it will cater to them during the long, drawn-out BUILD cycle, and for years AFTER the project is completed (to solicit referrals and 5-star reviews, and follow-on business).

And again, this can all happen without any involvement from you. That tedious follow-up and client management is OFF YOUR PLATE, so you can focus on REAL work.

Would you like to see how we’re helping pool builders with automation?

You can schedule your free demo here.)

Sales and Marketing Automation is fast becoming the next “must-have” marketing item for anyone in the pool industry, and any other industry that is currently overwhelmed with demand.

So let’s get you on board, shall we? Aren’t you ready for a break?

Brett Lloyd Abbott
CEO and Chief Strategist / Guru
Pool Builder Marketing LLC


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