UPGRADING from Keap’s “Infusionsoft” to the Keap Pro CRM

I’m presuming you simply have no idea how significantly more awesome the Keap Pro system is compared to Infusionsoft. That’s why I made this video, so you could see for yourself exactly how it’s different, and how much better your life and business will be when you finally make the switch.

This vastly improved sales/marketing CRM / automation system will do ALL of the following:

  1. Educate your prospects BEFORE they meet with you.
  2. Manage their expectations in terms of how quickly you can respond to them.
  3. Make it easy for them to set an appointment with you (rather than you chasing them).
  4. Show them how to prepare for their face-to-face meetings with you, and REMIND them via text message, so they never miss a meeting.
  5. Follow up with them afterwards, to help close the sale.
  6. “Welcome them to the family” when they buy, and continue to educate and communicate with them as they go through the construction process.
  7. Politely solicit referrals and five star reviews when the project is completed.
  8. Encourage them to sign up for maintenance, and/or schedule their semiannual filter clean services with you.
  9. Thank them again year after year, on the anniversary of when their pool was completed, and remind them how much you appreciate their referrals.
  10. And it will include a robust CRM system that will allow you to easily track all opportunities, and contact your prospects and clients wherever and whenever you want.

Why force your salespeople and designers and administrators to call more people and send more emails and send more text messages and do more follow up, when your automation system can do more than 90% of that for you?

Switching from Infusionsoft to Keap Pro
It’s $2495 for everyone else,
But only $1495 when you SWITCH
from our Infusionsoft “Hopper” system.

We’ll do all of the following to set up your automation system:

  • Create the appropriately branded reports, downloads, and email templates that will be used in your automation.
  • Create a simple, automated “drag-and-drop” sales pipeline that will allow your sales people to easily track and manage their opportunities.
  • Set up multiple automated campaigns to nurture your prospects before, during and after the sale.
  • Set up your customized appointment-setting function, so your prospects can easily schedule meetings with you, but only during the time slots when you are available.
  • Create the appropriate “Buy Now” options for any services you want to sell to these prospects (such as charging a design fee or consultation fee).
  • Upload your existing contacts into the new CRM, to jumpstart the automation and nurturing.
  • Update the web forms on your website so that every new prospect automatically goes into the appropriate follow up campaign.
  • Train everyone on your team how to use the system.

It typically takes us two weeks to set up your automation, and 30 minutes to train your team how to use it. To get started, hit the PLEASE AUTOMATE my SALES and MARKETING button below.


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