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Who We Are…

We’re a licensed agency of the Monopolize Your Marketplace system. We specialize in serving the marketing, advertising and business growth needs of the swimming pool construction industry. We work exclusively with swimming pool builders and high-end landscape professionals throughout North America and beyond. Meet Our People. With a team of more than a dozen experienced professionals and advisers, these experts support our MYM operations in the areas of strategic development, tactical management, copywriting, graphic design, website design and management and search engine optimization.


Who We Work With…

We specifically look for high-integrity, customer-centric pool builders who build a great product, but aren’t getting all the business or profit they want. If you find yourself frequently competing on price, or bogged down by the hassles of managing your own marketing, then you definitely should take a look at what our system does for you.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a track record of unhappy customers, unfinished pools or bankruptcies, then we’re probably not right for each other. We’re not interested in using marketing to cover up gross deficiencies in a company’s products or services. It’s too hard, it’s not honest, and it won’t work in the long run anyway.

Due to the competitive nature of the MYM system, we normally work with just a few pool builders in any particular region. In larger markets, we may sign an “exclusive agreement” with a particular client, which means we won’t work with any other builders in that marketplace.

The People of Pool Builder Marketing…

Implementing the strategic and tactical marketing programs for pool builders takes a lot of expert help. We have many outstanding members on the team to help manage this task.

Brett Lloyd Abbott

Prior to founding MYM Austin, Brett enjoyed a successful 20 year career in high-tech marketing and sales management. Trained in a myriad of sales, marketing and business training concepts, Brett was responsible for rolling out new product lines, creating and delivering strategic sales and marketing programs, and managing multi-national accounts and operations in the US, Europe and Asia.

In 2002, Brett left the high-tech industry and became a licensed agent of Monopolize Your Marketplace.  After extensive training in the MYM system, he founded MYM Austin.

The operation has now grown into team of more than a dozen experienced professionals and advisers. These experts support our MYM operations in the areas of strategic development, tactical management, copywriting, graphic design and website management. Brett is recognized by the Monopolize your Marketplace organization as a “Level III Accredited Agent,” one of only three such agents in the country.

Brett is a frequent keynote speaker and leader of workshops and seminars throughout North America.and Europe. Subjects include:

  • “Monopolize Your Marketplace – The New Rules of Marketing”
  • “Seven Crucial Steps for Marketing Your Pool Business”
  • “Website Secrets For Pool Builders”
  • “How to Get the Most Out Of a Home Show”
  • “Surviving against E-Commerce Competition”
  • “Creating and Using Your Elevator Pitch”

Naomi Abbott

Naomi Guedea Abbott

Naomi is Vice President and CFO of MYM Austin. Stunningly beautiful, most people consider Naomi to be living proof that Brett obviously knows a thing or two about marketing. A “Level 2 Accredited Agent” with the Monopolize Your Marketplace organization, Naomi handles our sales and accounting functions and much of our executive planning.

Barbara Carneiro

Barbara Carneiro

Barbara designs most of the new websites for our clients. Once we settle on a graphical layout, then Barbara and her team will implement the HTML code, the java scripts, the scrolling text, the on-board videos and all animation to bring the website to life.


Richard Green

Richard is the manager of the Customer Support Team at MYM Austin. With his team, he makes sure all our clients’ marketing operations are running smoothly and properly. When clients want to modify their websites, e-mail accounts, automatic follow-up systems, or any other marketing operations, he and the team make sure the requests get handled in a jiffy. (And by “in a jiffy,”  we mean that 95% of all requests are to be completed in less than 48 hours.)

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