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Instagram Exec Shares Top Tips on How to Create a Successful Social Strategy

By Caitlin Palmieri

From eMarketing & Commerce (eM+C)


Instagram is changing the way consumers shop, and Daniel Habashi is helping the company lead they way. At the Decoded Fashion Summit in New York City this week, Habashi, director of brand development for Instagram, shared how retailers such as Adidas,… more »



Harry’s Simple Email Combines Commerce and Social Mission


Harry’s manufactures and sells razors and shaving accessories directly to consumers, but with a limited choice of options. So an email from the brand earlier this week with the subject line “Introducing our limited edition shave set” stands out to… more »



4 Metrics That Uncover Key Insights From Your Data

By Bonnie Crater

From eMarketing & Commerce (eM+C)


Over the last few years, marketing has shifted towards becoming as much of a science as an art. While intuition and panache still play a large role, focusing on the data behind marketing campaigns is now at the core of… more »



Featured Resource: All About eMail Virtual Conference & Expo 2015


TARGET MARKETING eMARKETING + COMMERCE ANNOUNCE EIGHTH ANNUAL VIRTUAL CONFERENCE & EXPO The team at Target Marketing eMarketing + Commerce is proud to present the 2015 All About eMail Virtual Conference & Expo, happening live and online on Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. (ET)…. more »



Energizing Twitter Users With Education and ROI

By Bernard Perrine

From eMarketing & Commerce (eM+C)


From big brands to small mom-and-pops, businesses of all types are leveraging the potential of Twitter to find, engage and convert new customers. It’s lead generation, Twitter-style, and all of these businesses are discovering the opportunities the social network provides… more »



Why Advertisers Should Work With an Agency Trading Desk

By Ivan Roubtsov

From eMarketing & Commerce (eM+C)


Many advertisers chose to manage programmatic buying in-house, but outsourcing to an agency trading desk can be a better option for small and midsized advertisers. Here are five reasons why:… more »
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